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Wooden toys - do it yourself!

Wooden toys - do it yourself!

Wooden toys - do it yourself!

What would be a childhood without toys? Currently, the youngest can choose among a whole lot of toys - often electronic and created with the most modern materials. However, despite the extremely wide selection that we can enjoy on the toys market, traditional wooden toys are still in the price.

However, it would be hard to be surprised - after all, wooden toys have undeniable advantages, which make them appear as an interesting alternative to modern, but often kitsch toys of the largest modern manufacturers even against the background of huge competition.

Eco toys

First of all, they are one hundred percent natural, and hence safe. And this is for most parents the most important feature of every toy they buy for their child. In addition, their great advantage is also the appearance - wooden toys according to many people look much better than plastic ones, they are also much more durable than them.

wooden train

Make yourself wooden toys!

Many parents certainly also pay attention to the fact that we can do such toys alone - we do not need special skills and hard to reach tools. The only limitation that applies to the independent execution of toys is our creativity - we can conjure anything we want from wood, and equip our workshop. For parents who do not have many tools, there will also be something interesting - the simplest tools and a few pieces of wood will suffice to make an interesting toy for our child - like a simple doll, a miniature of a vehicle - for example a car - or blocks. This last proposition is especially interesting for those who do not have too much skills and many tools.

wooden mouse

What do you need to make toys?

We do not need much to make blocks - all you need is a few large pieces of wood, a ball and a file, abrasives and a varnish or stain. In the first place, we should think about the shape of the individual blocks - the simplest to cuboid and solids having a triangle in the base that everyone will manage. More complicated shapes - such as round ones - will require the use of a lathe, which not everyone has and can handle.


Once we have obtained the shapes we require, there is nothing else but to align the surfaces of the blocks thus created with a file and sandpaper, and then degrease them with varnish. A great solution will surely be painting - using a stain - each block for a different color - thanks to this set created by us will acquire a unique character. We should use debarked wood to make blocks, but some toys can be made of raw wood - but we should remember to properly protect them, because splinters from untreated wood may be very dangerous for our toddler!

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