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Role Play Toys for Kids

At Amousewithahouse we take pride in offering a premier collection of high-quality wooden outdoor toys for kids in Australia. Our outdoor toys for kids are designed to inspire imagination, encourage active play, and provide endless fun. Perfect for toddlers and older children alike, our range includes something for every little adventurer

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Fagus - Wooden Jeep
Regular price$169.00
    Legler - Beauty Case
    Regular price$187.14$149.71
      Legler - Car Park Building Crane
      Regular price$157.79$126.23
        NIC - Creamobil Wooden Tow Truck
        Regular price$209.67$167.74
          NIC - Creamobil Wooden Tractor 27cm Red
          Regular price$106.95$85.56
            NIC - Creamobil Conveyor Belt
            Regular price$117.65$94.12
              NIC - Creamobil Building Crane
              Regular price$406.55$325.24
                NIC - Creamobil Wheel Loader
                Regular price$235.35$188.28
                  NIC - Creamobil Stacking Box
                  Regular price$37.40$29.92
                    NIC - Creamobil Wood Stack
                    Regular price$37.40$29.92
                      Legler - Fire Station
                      Regular price$88.70$70.96
                        Legler - Car Tool Box
                        Regular price$79.90$29.90
                          Legler - Service Truck
                          Regular price$89.90$39.90
                            Legler - Schoolbus
                            Regular price$89.90$39.90
                              Legler - Pirate Island in a case
                              Regular price$89.90$39.90
                                Legler - Knights Castle in a case
                                Regular price$89.90$39.90
                                  Legler - 3D Puzzle Dragon Castle
                                  Regular price$25.57$20.46
                                    Legler - Knights themed play set
                                    Regular price$69.90$29.90
                                      NIC - Nuts and Bolts
                                      Regular price$28.84$23.07
                                        Fagus - Combifix pick up truck
                                        Regular price$87.74$70.19
                                          Fagus - Combifix Locomotive
                                          Regular price$122.94$98.35
                                            Fagus - Combifix Trailer
                                            Regular price$72.65$58.12
                                              Fagus - Fire Engine
                                              Regular price$259.00
                                                Drewart - Wooden Castle Big
                                                Regular price$499.00
                                                  Janod - Little Doctor Suitcase
                                                  Regular price$64.15$51.32
                                                    Janod - Circus Train
                                                    Regular price$25.95$20.76
                                                      Janod - Firefighter Train
                                                      Regular price$25.95$20.76
                                                        NIC - Creamobil Wooden Hay Cart 38cm
                                                        Regular price$113.37$90.70
                                                          Kinderkram - Boat Body
                                                          Regular price$639.00$511.20
                                                            Kinderkram - Boat Pirate Cannon
                                                            Regular price$38.09$30.47
                                                              Kinderkram - Boat Pirate Mast
                                                              Regular price$66.34$53.07
                                                                Kinderkram - Pirate Treasure Chest
                                                                Regular price$49.11$39.29
                                                                  Legler - Doctors Case
                                                                  Regular price$138.99$111.19
                                                                    Janod - Safari Train
                                                                    Regular price$25.95$20.76
                                                                      Goki - Farm Animals Set
                                                                      Regular price$60.90
                                                                        Janod - Racing Car Transporter
                                                                        Regular price$64.95$51.96
                                                                          Janod - Knight Castle Playset
                                                                          Regular price$86.62$69.30
                                                                            Kinderkram Ark - Noah's Ark
                                                                            Regular price$791.80$633.44
                                                                              Legler - Hospital
                                                                              Regular price$96.19$76.95
                                                                                Goki - Sewing Box
                                                                                Regular price$37.34$29.87
                                                                                  Janod - Dragon Castle
                                                                                  Regular price$164.62$131.70
                                                                                    Goki - Forklift Truck
                                                                                    Regular price$139.05$111.24
                                                                                      Goki - My Farm
                                                                                      Regular price$181.79$145.43
                                                                                        Raduga Grez - Vegetables set
                                                                                        Regular price$103.95$83.16
                                                                                          Raduga Grez - Tea set mustard and pink
                                                                                          Regular price$103.95$83.16
                                                                                            Raduga Grez - Tea Set Natural
                                                                                            Regular price$103.95$83.16
                                                                                              Raduga Grez - Forest Vol 2 Summer
                                                                                              Regular price$103.95$83.16
                                                                                                Fagus - Euro-Pallet
                                                                                                Regular price$34.40
                                                                                                  Fagus - Garbage Cans Blue
                                                                                                  Regular price$27.50
                                                                                                    Fagus - Forklift
                                                                                                    Regular price$179.00
                                                                                                      Fagus - Wheel Loader
                                                                                                      Regular price$229.00
                                                                                                        Fagus Semi-Trailer
                                                                                                        Regular price$349.00
                                                                                                          Fagus - Crane
                                                                                                          Regular price$339.00
                                                                                                            Cement mixer, goki nature
                                                                                                            Regular price$57.34$34.40
                                                                                                              Coffee machine
                                                                                                              Regular price$55.90
                                                                                                                Farm animals
                                                                                                                Regular price$22.90
                                                                                                                  Regular price$47.90$28.74
                                                                                                                    Wheel loader, goki nature
                                                                                                                    Regular price$96.90

                                                                                                                      Our collection features a variety of outdoor toys, including wooden swings, slides, playhouses, and sandpits, all crafted from sustainable, eco-friendly materials. These toys are not only safe and durable but also blend seamlessly with any outdoor space, adding a touch of natural beauty to your backyard.

                                                                                                                      What sets our wooden outdoor toys apart? Each toy is designed to promote physical activity and creativity, ensuring your kids stay active while having fun. Our products are easy to assemble and maintain, making them a hassle-free addition to your home. Plus, with their superior durability compared to plastic alternatives, you can trust that these toys will provide years of enjoyment.

                                                                                                                      Explore our collection today at Amousewithahouse and discover the perfect outdoor toys for your kids. Give your children the gift of outdoor adventure and endless playtime with our exceptional range of wooden outdoor toys.

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