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Wooden Doll Houses

Explore our exquisite collection of wooden doll houses at Amousewithahouse where quality and creativity meet. Our beautifully crafted wooden doll houses are designed to inspire imaginative play and provide endless hours of fun for children. Each doll house is made from high-quality, sustainably sourced wood, ensuring durability and safety for your little ones.

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Legler - Doll's House Clara
Regular price$214.90$114.90
    Legler - Fairy's Suitcase
    Regular price$42.69$34.15
      Selecta - Wooden Cat Set
      Regular price$32.74$26.19
        Selecta - Wooden Cradle
        Regular price$32.74$26.19
          Selecta - Baby Set
          Regular price$30.60$24.48
            Selecta - Household Set,Bedroom
            Regular price$32.74$26.19
              Legler- Doll's House Deluxe
              Regular price$427.89$342.31
                Legler - Fruit Sales Stall
                Regular price$25.57$20.46
                  Legler - Vegetable Stall
                  Regular price$25.57$20.46
                    Legler - Sweet Stall
                    Regular price$25.57$20.46
                      Legler - Doll's Furniture Garden
                      Regular price$101.54$81.23
                        Legler - Residential Building
                        Regular price$310.19$248.15
                          Legler - Fairy House in a case
                          Regular price$89.90$39.90
                            Legler - Pirate Island in a case
                            Regular price$89.90$39.90
                              Legler - Knights Castle in a case
                              Regular price$89.90$39.90
                                Legler - Knights themed play set
                                Regular price$69.90$29.90
                                  Legler - Cardboard Dollhouse
                                  Regular price$26.64$21.31
                                    Drewart - Wooden Castle Big
                                    Regular price$499.00
                                      Sarahs Silks Playhouse Kit - Rainbow
                                      Regular price$53.39$42.71
                                        Goki - Accessories
                                        Regular price$25.90
                                          Gluckskafer - Wooden fence 20 cm
                                          Regular price$13.80$11.04
                                            Goki - Rabbit hutch
                                            Regular price$42.69$34.15
                                              Gluckskafer - Wooden fence 17 cm
                                              Regular price$12.79$10.23
                                                Magic Wood - Furniture Bedroom
                                                Regular price$31.60$25.28
                                                  Magic Wood - Furniture Kitchen
                                                  Regular price$42.14$33.71
                                                    Magic Wood - Furniture Lounge
                                                    Regular price$32.52$26.02
                                                      Drewart - Camper Van
                                                      Regular price$398.00
                                                        Waytoplay - Back & Forth Car Blue
                                                        Regular price$35.49$28.39
                                                          Waytoplay - Back & Forth Car Red
                                                          Regular price$35.49$28.39
                                                            Drewart Witch’s Shed
                                                            Regular price$169.90
                                                              Goki - Doll house 3 floors
                                                              Regular price$259.00

                                                                Our wooden doll houses come in a variety of designs and sizes, perfect for every child's unique taste and play style.

                                                                Whether you're looking for a classic Victorian doll house or a modern, minimalist design, our collection has something for everyone.

                                                                These doll houses are not only visually stunning but also feature intricate details and furnishings that enhance the play experience.

                                                                In addition to sparking creativity, our wooden doll houses help develop fine motor skills, spatial awareness, and social skills as children engage in imaginative play scenarios.

                                                                Amousewithahouse is proud to offer top-quality wooden doll houses in Australia, combining beauty, durability, and educational value.

                                                                Shop our collection today and enjoy fast shipping across Australia. Let your child's imagination flourish with our charming wooden doll houses, designed to provide years of joyful play

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