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Wooden toys. See how to make a slingshot step by step

A great slingshot! The most beloved toy of all boys from the old days. A simple and cheap toy made of wood that will make your child's free time pleasant. Make a sling together with the name and invite the toddler to play, for example, for cans of vegetables.

Recently, the trend has been to simplify toys for children. It is believed that this promotes the development of imagination. More and more often, parents decide to buy wooden toys. When choosing, one should pay attention to whether the elements and paints are ecological and non-toxic for the child.

Today we present how to make a slingshot. This is probably the simplest wooden toy imaginable. Take a walk for a walk and look for a suitable stick together for your slingshot. Then all you need is rubber for clothes and some tools from a DIY box. See the implementation instructions according to

Will be needed:slingshot

  • a Y-shaped
  • stickclothing
  • gums
  • small nail
  • hammer
  • sandpaper
  • grinder
  • wood varnish or paint

STEP I - Cleansing the stick

Clean the stick with sandpaper and grinder if you have one.


STEP II - Painting wood

Paint the wood with paint and apply the nail polish after drying. You can also paint the slings only with varnish.

STEP II - Fixing the rubber

Nail the elastic with 2 nails.


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