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Wooden blocks

Wooden blocks for children - do it yourself

Eco-friendly wooden blocks for children.

Wooden blocks are one of the simplest toy for children, which has a positive impact on development. Regardless of age, wooden blocks always ensure good fun. Smaller children build a tower out of the blocks, and older children transport the wooden truck to the construction site and build wooden block castles.

Wooden blocks are a toy for years. Made by hand, they are ecological and will be a unique gift and souvenir from childhood. For this to be the case, you should also ensure the highest quality of wooden materials and safe paint is used. See how to make blocks for children step by step with our wooden block DIY tutorial.

Will be needed:

  • wooden squared timber with a square cross-section (side 4 cm)
  • colorful paint and varnish: with a certificate confirming that they are safe for children
  • multifunctional tool (with tips)
  • scoop clamps carpentry
  • brush
  • pencil

STEP I - Determining the cutting line

Using a measuring cup and a pencil mark the cutting lines every 4 cm on the cross-cut. In this way you will get equal cubes.

STEP II - Cutting wood

Fasten the racking to the table with joinery clamps. It is important that it does not move during cutting. Use the multifunction tool to cut off pieces of wood according to the designated lines.

STEP III - Sanding wooden blocks

Change the saw blade, the grinding disc and start grinding the blocks. Sand each surface, remembering edges that are polished at an angle. All this to make pads friendly to small hands.

STEP IV - Painting toys

The pads prepared in this way should be wiped with a damp cloth. After drying, paint your favorite colors. You can leave a part of it natural.

At the end, apply a special varnish for toys to all blocks (both color and natural). Preferably two thin layers - between one layer and the other by grinding blocks. If you want, you can also paint patterns, letters or numbers on it before applying the paint.

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