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Wooden Kids Toys

Explore our delightful collection of wooden play kitchens at Amousewithahouse your trusted source for quality wooden toys in Australia.Our wooden play kitchens are designed to inspire imaginative play and creativity in children, providing endless hours of fun. Crafted from high-quality, sustainably sourced wood, these childrens wooden kitchens are durable, safe, and eco-friendly.

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Legler - Selling Booth Nora
Regular price$181.79$145.43
    Legler - Salad Dish
    Regular price$67.30$53.84
      Legler - Cut Pizza
      Regular price$59.90$32.90
        Legler - Small Box Nature
        Regular price$24.50$19.60
          Legler - Cutting Birthday Cake
          Regular price$59.90$24.90
            Legler - Food Mix
            Regular price$48.04$38.43
              Legler - Shopping Basket Metal
              Regular price$69.44$55.55
                Legler - Breakfast Boards Wood
                Regular price$71.58$57.26
                  Legler - Egg Treat
                  Regular price$45.90$36.72
                    Legler - Birthday Cake
                    Regular price$39.90$19.90
                      Legler - Slice Tartlets
                      Regular price$69.44$55.55
                        Legler - Table Grill Skewer
                        Regular price$60.88$30.90
                          Legler - Fruit Sales Stall
                          Regular price$25.57$20.46
                            Legler - Vegetable Stall
                            Regular price$25.57$20.46
                              Legler - Sweet Stall
                              Regular price$25.57$20.46
                                Legler - Milk Bottles
                                Regular price$24.50$19.60
                                  Legler - Birthday Tart
                                  Regular price$69.90$39.90
                                    Legler - Box "Fishes"
                                    Regular price$21.29$17.03
                                      Legler - Metal Basket "Blue"
                                      Regular price$53.39$42.71
                                        Goki - Vegetables With Velcro
                                        Regular price$37.34$29.87
                                          Goki - Fruit With Velcro
                                          Regular price$37.34$29.87
                                            Legler - Large Wooden Box, Nature
                                            Regular price$41.62$33.30
                                              Legler - Metal Shopping Basket
                                              Regular price$49.11$39.29
                                                Goki - Scale With Metal Dishes
                                                Regular price$56.60$45.28
                                                  Goki - Grocer's Store
                                                  Regular price$219.90$139.90
                                                    Legler - Table Grill Tray
                                                    Regular price$96.19$76.95
                                                      Colour dice game II
                                                      Regular price$43.90
                                                        Ocean animals, mobile
                                                        Regular price$26.40$15.84
                                                          Sort box Who eats what?
                                                          Regular price$44.90$26.94
                                                            Tweedy, push-along animal
                                                            Regular price$35.90$21.54

                                                              Our range includes various styles and sizes, perfect for any play space. Each wooden play kitchen features realistic details like opening doors, turning knobs, and spacious shelves. Complement your child's play kitchen with our wooden play kitchen accessories, including utensils, cookware, and pretend food sets, to enhance their play experience.

                                                              These wooden kitchen toys help develop fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and social skills as children engage in role-playing activities. At Amousewithahouse we are committed to offering toys that are both educational and entertaining.

                                                              Shop our collection of wooden play kitchens and accessories today and enjoy fast shipping across Australia.

                                                              Let your child's culinary adventures begin with our beautifully crafted childrens wooden kitchens, designed to provide years of joyful and imaginative play.

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