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Wooden Play Kitchens

Discover our delightful collection of wooden play kitchens at Amousewithahouse where quality meets creativity. Our wooden play kitchens are designed to inspire endless imaginative play for children, fostering their creativity and enhancing their fine motor skills. Each childrens wooden kitchen in our collection is crafted from high-quality, sustainably sourced wood, ensuring durability and safety

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Legler - Salad Dish
Regular price$67.30$53.84
    Legler - Kitchen Nena
    Regular price$235.29$188.23
      Legler - Cut Pizza
      Regular price$59.90$32.90
        Legler - Kitchen Oliver
        Regular price$125.08$100.06
          Legler - Food Mix
          Regular price$48.04$38.43
            Legler - Shopping Basket Metal
            Regular price$69.44$55.55
              Legler - Breakfast Boards Wood
              Regular price$71.58$57.26
                Legler - Tea Set Laura
                Regular price$48.04$38.43
                  Legler - Cookware Lucia
                  Regular price$69.44$55.55
                    Legler - Egg Treat
                    Regular price$45.90$36.72
                      Legler - Slice Tartlets
                      Regular price$69.44$55.55
                        Legler - Table Grill Skewer
                        Regular price$60.88$30.90
                          Legler - Kitchen Denise
                          Regular price$256.69$205.35
                            Legler - Milk Bottles
                            Regular price$24.50$19.60
                              Legler - Birthday Tart
                              Regular price$69.90$39.90
                                Legler - Cooking Utensils
                                Regular price$49.90$24.90
                                  Legler - Tea Set Josephine
                                  Regular price$45.90$36.72
                                    Legler - Box "Fishes"
                                    Regular price$21.29$17.03
                                      NIC - White Ceramic Mortar & Pestle
                                      Regular price$55.11$44.09
                                        Gluckskafer - Wooden spoon set 3 elem
                                        Regular price$16.00$12.80
                                          Gluckskafer - Childrens Wooden Kitchen
                                          Regular price$343.36$274.69
                                            Janod - Maxi Cooker & Accessories
                                            Regular price$213.95$171.16
                                              Gluckskafer - Baking brush 14 cm
                                              Regular price$6.31$5.05
                                                NIC - Flat pan tinplate 16 cm
                                                Regular price$5.46$4.37
                                                  NIC - Baking Sieve Tin 8 cm
                                                  Regular price$9.10$7.28
                                                    NIC - Flat pan tinplate 10 cm
                                                    Regular price$3.69$2.95
                                                      Selecta - Wooden Chop up Picnic Set
                                                      Regular price$57.25$45.80
                                                        Legler - Metal Basket "Blue"
                                                        Regular price$53.39$42.71
                                                          Goki - Vegetables With Velcro
                                                          Regular price$37.34$29.87
                                                            Goki - Fruit With Velcro
                                                            Regular price$37.34$29.87
                                                              Goki - Lunch Maker
                                                              Regular price$35.26$28.21
                                                                Goki - Scale With Metal Dishes
                                                                Regular price$56.60$45.28
                                                                  Legler - Table Grill Tray
                                                                  Regular price$96.19$76.95
                                                                    Gluckskafer - Milkpot aluminum 14cm
                                                                    Regular price$31.99$25.59

                                                                      Our range includes a variety of styles and sizes, perfect for any play space. From classic kitchen sets to modern designs, each wooden play kitchen is detailed with functional features like opening doors, turning knobs, and spacious shelves.

                                                                      Additionally, we offer a selection of wooden play kitchen accessories to complement the kitchens, including utensils, cookware, and pretend food sets

                                                                      At Amousewithahouse we understand the importance of providing toys that are both engaging and educational. Our wooden kitchen toys encourage role-playing, social interaction, and cognitive development. Designed for durability and long-lasting fun, these kitchens are a wonderful addition to any child’s playroom

                                                                      Shop our collection of wooden play kitchens and accessories today, and enjoy fast shipping across Australia. Let your child's culinary adventures begin with our beautifully crafted childrens wooden kitchens.

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