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Wooden Teddy Bear Picture Decoration

Wooden Teddy Bear Picture Decoration

Wooden Teddy Bear Picture Decoration for a child's room

A How-To Guide to Make A Wooden Teddy Bear Portrait

See how to make an original wooden teddy bear decoration for a children's room. A wooden picture with a portrait of a teddy bear will decorate the wall above the cot in the room of an infant and an older child. Check our tutorial step by step

Wooden portrait of a teddy bear

We present a simple decoration for a child's room made of wood and covers from the business calendar. The whole creates a harmonious combination of wood and imitation leather. A wooden picture can hang over a desk or a cot.

Portrait of a bear can also be used as a wooden toy. Paint the teddy bear with your favorite paint colors. You can add your own decorations and personalize your own picture with a teddy bear. It is a good exercise of imagination and creativity for the youngest.

Will be needed:

  • hair saw (or modeling jigsaw)
  • quick-drying adhesive
  • vulcan glue
  • sandpaper
  • various stain colors or acrylic paints
  • printed picture (coloring book) with a teddy bear
  • a piece of plywood the size of the picture (thickness 3mm)
  • a slat slightly larger than the picture
  • a cover from an old business calendar or a piece of artificial leather
  • pencil mark
  • optional - pyrography

STEP I - Drawing the pattern on the wood

Find the corresponding picture on the Internet, then print it. Presented teddy bear is printed on a sheet of A4 size. Use the pencil to transfer the teddy bear pattern to a piece of plywood. Note that only the edges that will serve as the cutting line are drawn. Save the paper image to step 4.

STEP II - Cutting out elements

Using a hair saw, carefully cut the drawn elements on the outer edges. Do not cut out the elements marked in the middle - they will be "painted". After cutting, grind / smooth the elements with sandpaper.

STEP III - Color painting

Paint stain elements or acrylic paint according to your preferences. In the presented example, elements such as eyes that were not cut out were burned out using a pyrograph. Leave the painted elements to dry. If necessary, wipe them with sandpaper again.

STEP IV - Cutting the leather background

From the old business calendar cover cut the background. The template will be a paper picture with a teddy bear that you have kept in step 1. Place the template and cut according to the extreme outer edges of the black lines.

STEP V - Bonding a teddy bear portrait

Glue the cut elements to the background using a quick-drying adhesive. Glue the teddy bear to the previously prepared slat.

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