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Learn counting

Wooden puzzles to learn counting

Educational toy-snake

Wooden toys are now hit. The thought of functional things from the old days returns. Plastic blocks, or dolls with an idealized female figure, give way to new ecological toys that imagine the imagination.

The puzzle you made. It has a pattern and shape. The number of segments just from the top of the project. Instead of numbers and scientific mice, you can choose different pictures or, for example, an alphabet. The wooden snake will be perfect for animal names.

Will be needed:

  • jigsaw with a blade for cutting woodmultifunction tool, mandr
  • el and grinding belt, abrasive disc
  • sMDF, 9 mm, dimensions 55 cm x 50 cm
  • a piece of wood measuring 7.5 cm wide x 10 cm long
  • two pencils
  • textile self-adhesive tape

STEP I - Making a snake template.

On the MDF board, draw a circle with a diameter of 50 cm. It will create the basis for a colorful snake. Then make the guides for drawing two parallel lines yourself. Glue the pencil to the two edges of the block with a tape and draw the rolled hose. Brush your head and tail by hand.

STEP II - Cutting the shape of the hose from the plate

Use the tailor measure to measure the length of the hose, omitting the head and tail, and divide the result into 25 equal parts. Then draw the shape of the puzzle. Cut the hose, cutting along the drawn torso lines.

STEP III - Making wooden puzzles

Cut out the puzzle hose. Do it very precisely. Sand the irregularities, but only on the outer edges of the hose.

STEP IV - Painting the snake

On each segment, paint one symbol, color the segments with your favorite colors.

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