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Grilling For A Noodle - Child Safety

Grilling For A Noodle - Child Safety

Grilling for a noodle... how to organise child safety at a barbecue for children

Do you like grilled food and often arrange it at home? Make your children love grilling the way you do. Remembering about child safety rules, using a few ideas for the game and colorful delicacies, you can change grilling into having fun.

Toddlers often complain about eating, but the joint preparation of meals, outdoor meals combined with good fun will convince even the largest aperitif for barbecue delicacies.

Below are a few tips that will make your task easier.


Child safety above all

When organizing a family barbecue, you must first remember about the safety of children. Make children aware that the grill is hot and approaching it may cause a burn. The best way out of the situation is to set the grill out of reach of children. However, if you do not have such a possibility, a separate place for children to play. Using a colored string, lay the borders of the field on the grass, where children can play. By arranging a story about the sea and pirates, you will give children a pretext for fun.

A light menu for children

Another important thing to keep in mind while grilling with children is that you should never be treated with burnt pieces. There are very harmful substances in the carbon layer, so even if the children claim that the pieces they taste the most, do not give in to them. Remember that if your kids are less than three years old, then you have to exclude the grill menu from their menu. Such small children do not have fully developed stomach, which, digesting baked delicacies, must work at full speed. Children should not eat hard-to-eat foods in general, so avoid giving fatty meats, sausages and cold meats. Try to descend the spicy spices and salt - herbs.

The appropriate menu for small urchins will consist of products such as fish fillets, vegetables and fruits. Fish is a source of nutritional value necessary for the proper development of bones and muscles, and protein should be one of the main elements of the daily menu. To eat vegetables, encourage kids by preparing colorful skewers with them, which - grilled - lose less nutritional value than after cooking. Vegetables are a source of vitamins, fiber, carbohydrates and minerals, so they should regularly appear on the plate of each toddler. If you have not tried grilled fruit yet, it's time to convince yourself and your family that the hot fruit can be delicious. The fruit is perfect for dessert, which every child expects after a meal. Serving them you will provide a healthy and nutritious snack. We recommend pieces of banana toast with pieces of chocolate. Just make small incisions and put a few chocolate cubes in them, then a moment on the grill and dessert ready.

Kinderbal at the grill

If you feel that grilling with children is already mastered, organize a barbecue day for your toddler and his friends or just make a birthday party at which you will serve grilled products. When deciding to invite other children, you must consult with their parents beforehand. Ask for the preferences of invited children, learn about food allergies. Thanks to this, you'll make sure that no one leaves your house hungry. Preparation will help you save all comments from parents, and then sign paper plates for children. Such a simple procedure will rule out the slightest mistake.

In addition to lean meat or fish, also prepare grilled bread and a cheerful composition of vegetables. Forming vegetables in the shape of, for example, a big smile, you will certainly encourage you to taste healthy snacks. The dessert for children during the party is even more important than during a traditional dinner. This is the moment for which all the kids wait and treat often as a reward for the dinner they eat. Do not forget about this by preparing a party menu.


Waiting for the party

Make sure your children do not get bored waiting for a meal and organize games and games. The game you can hare and amuse children is guessing the names of fruits. Prepare finely chopped fruits, a piece of paper, a pen and a cloth band. Every participant with blindfolded eyes will try different fruit flavors and his task will tell you what he just ate. Record the results of the players, the winnings belong to the person who will give the most correct answers.

Another entertainment can be fun in the search for treasures, thanks to it you will also avoid the close contact of children with the grill. Discover different interesting items in your garden and draw a treasure map. Divide the children into groups and nominate the best team award. To save others disappointments, prepare consolation prizes. Successful fun guaranteed!


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