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Wooden toys

Wooden toys

Wooden toys. Gift ideas for a 3-year-old

If I have a paper, plastic or wooden toy to choose from, I choose the last one in 90%. Why? Because I know it will last. This is the main argument. In addition, the majority of educational toys for the youngest children is made of wood, and I like it when, on the occasion of fun, the child can develop and learn about the world around him.

Therefore, nobody should be surprised that I choose wooden toys the most. I was not sure if Oli would have siblings, but the fate smiled at us and in just over 100 days we will be four. I was quietly counting on it, so both the clothes from which Oluś grew up and the toys are constantly waiting in the wardrobes and containers hidden in the attic.


Among the toys that await our second happiness, most are just wooden. At paper Oli he was too small and the most normal in the world he would have shredded them, and most plastic toys did not survive the test of time and we have long ago thrown them away.


Each parent wants to support the development of their child sensibly, but effectively. That's why we devote so much time and attention to the organization of the environment in which it is located and the toys and things that it uses. We want it to be happy, safe and ensure the best of everything. However, you can not get crazy and get into being "perfect parent" too far. Toys are not everything.
It's good to be able to find restraint in buying and handing them over to children. Therefore, if we want to give him something as a gift, then let's put on toys that will serve him for a long time and will not be just a whim of a new favorite fairy tale or game character, or books.

In order not to be groundless, I will tell you about what I like in wooden toys and what irritates me. At the end there is a small surprise waiting for you and a bunch of ideas, so stay tuned for a while.

The advantages of wooden toys:

Surviving years, and even several generations. This is the most durable type of toys known for centuries. It's not without reason that we parents give them a sentiment and our children are lost for them.
A lot of work and time is needed to prepare them. Therefore, if someone starts to create them, he tries to develop them in every aspect. Thanks to that they are toys whose purpose and possibilities of playing with them change with the age of the child who plays with them. In addition, they have broad educational values ​​and are able to support the child's development brilliantly.
They have a lot of certificates and approvals thanks to which, we parents, we are sure that our child is safe and the toy is not a direct threat to him.
They are simply beautiful. Refined in every detail, colorful or in shades of natural wood. Appearance is just an addition, but we are visual and it is very important to us after all.

Disadvantages of wooden toys:

In most cases, they are quite expensive, but you want to be able to and if you look well, you can find something interesting at an affordable price.
Few companies can do it 100% accurately and often meet with protruding splinters or unpainted fragments. Fortunately, I have a few proven brands and I can not always count on them.
They are quite heavy and often have large dimensions. Therefore, their choice must be well adapted to the age of the child and space for toys in the house that we have.

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