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Wooden Hello Kitty Mini Wall Hanger

Create your own mini wooden wall hanger with Hello Kitty.

A practical and functional wooden toy item for a children's room.

Hello Kitty toys are iconic and very popular in modern design culture. Almost all young female children have in her bedroom an item with the image of the famous 'Hello Kitty' cat. In this blog post, see how to make a Hello Kitty wooden wall hanger using plywood.

The famous character from animated films - Hello Kitty, was created in 1974 and still arouses the interest of future generations of kids. The popularity of the fairy tale was used by toy manufacturers around the world - mascots, pencil cases, backpacks, mini houses, furniture, cups, cots and many other items decorated with the Hello Kitty likeness.

You can build a simple wooden Hello Kitty wall hanger yourself. It will be a wooden hanger from plywood. You can attach it to the wall in the children's bedroom or in the hallway. It will also work in the bathroom as a towel rack for your child.

Familiarise yourself with the following instructions.

Will be needed:

  • template with graphics,
  • slat and / or plywood,
  • wood glue,
  • precision saw for wood (foxtail) or table jigsaw or drill (drill-driver),
  • sandpaper (possibly a sander with abrasive roller, orbital sander),
  • pyrometer - burner for wood (optional),
  • acrylic paints,
  • wood varnish (optional),
  • hooks or small furniture handles

Step I - Preparation of the template

Download the appropriate graphics. You will certainly find the Hello Kitty template on the Internet.

Step II - Copy the pattern to the plywood

Transfer the pattern to a piece of plywood. Use ordinary pencil paper for this. The project uses plywood with a thickness of 4 mm.

Step III - Firing contours

Use the pyrograph to burn out the Hello Kitty contours. If you do not have a burner, you can paint the contours with eg black acrylic paint - in this case painting can be done in step 11.

Step IV - Cutting

Use a band saw or table saw to cut the likeness of the cat. If you do not have such devices, you can use a drill or a screwdriver. Then, using a small diameter drill, drill holes around the drawing (preferably to be as close to each other as possible). Then, gently cut the whole using, for example, a narrow blade.

Step V - Sanding the edges

Sand the edges of the cut out element. A multichip with different exchangeable grinding tips will work well here.

Step VI - Background preparation

Time to prepare the background. Draw a pattern (eg heart) larger than the previously prepared Hello Kitty element. Then cut it out. Place a piece of paper under the cut pattern and put on the top of the Hello Kitty plywood. Draw fragments of plywood protruding beyond the heart area.

Step VII - Cutting the background

Prepare the prepared template from step VI on a wooden board or plywood (about 10 mm thick) and cut it.

Step VIII - Grinding the background

Sand the element that will form the background.

Step IX - Painting the background

Part of the heart - the one that will be visible, paint with acrylic paint, preferably red.

Step X - Bonding elements

Stick together both elements - red background and Hello Kitty. Use wood glue.

Step XI - Painting and varnishing

Paint Hello Kitty with the right colors with acrylic paints (also contours if you did not burn them in step III). When the acrylic dries, you can also varnish the whole.

Step XII - Attaching the hooks

Install hangers or hooks. Small furniture handles have been used in the photo shown on the picture.

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