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Two-point healing method

Two-point healing method
Two-point healing method in the light of quantum physics

The latest weapon in the fight against all diseases, whether it is chronic or fatal, is undoubtedly the two-point healing method. What's more, it's universal. Undoubtedly, it is adequate with magic. But with the advantage that you do not have to devote so much time, practically many years, to explore its secrets, which is characteristic of ceremonial magic, you do not have to pass all levels of initiation. Its form (two-point method) is very simple and you need practically two or three lessons to master it.

Mastering it

Mastering it is similar to learning to ride a bike. It's enough to learn how to ride a bike once and this skill will last us a lifetime. The two-point method is similar. As I also say, the two-point method can apply to almost any issue that affects a person. So you can apply it also in finance, in feelings, in a professional career or in improving interpersonal relations. Of course, this method is not 100% effective. If this were the case, we would probably break down the living conditions on Earth, because everyone would become millionaires, hospitals would have to be closed, and the doctors would lose their patients, etc. A certain order on Earth would not allow such changes.

But! Well, it is but! You can do a lot using this method. For example, it is known that alchemists have been looking for a method for creating gold for many centuries. As a consequence, they did not succeed because of known reasons, but at the same time they invented porcelain, which was as precious as gold at the time. So, actually, we can not change the reality of the world using the two-point method, but we can use it to "produce porcelain", which means we can help a lot. And it is so indeed, here the two-point method works best in such matters in which the "World" is ready and allows us to those changes in which we have the "right" to make a change.

What it applies to

Most often this applies to our health, hence this method is so effective in restoring health. Who will deny us this right to health? For this reason, it is unlikely to use the two-point method with the intention of winning a larger amount in a lotto, because it is rather ineffective at the time. I personally tried to do such an experiment once or twice. But, as you correctly guess, Dear Reader, this effort was ineffective. However, from a formal point of view, this is not prohibited.

You have to try. Keep trying. If it does not work in one, it will help in the other. One thing is known, using a small "hygienic" principle, you can get a lot. This principle boils down to applying from time to time a break in its use, similarly as such breaks are used in work with the pendulum. However, this does not disqualify this method, because there is virtually no method of action in life that would be 100% effective. Certainly, it is only known that everyone must die sooner or later.

This method is a quantum method. That is, it uses phenomena from the Unitary Level [*] (Quantum Field, Level of Zero Point, etc.) to implement the desired solutions. Of course, quantum physics, though discovered only in the twentieth century, has acted, if it can be said, ever since the world exists, at least in the form in which we know it today. However, the deeper arrangements regarding the functioning of our human minds, partly concerning even our souls and personalities, and esoteric experiences agree with the findings of quantum physics or, generally speaking, quantum reality.

Here is the method:

Find a place in a house where no family member will disturb you for at least half an hour. Turn off all radio and TV media. Sit or lie down in a comfortable position, it would be important not to cross legs and arms, and to have an upright spine. And your problem is, for example, kidney failure. (An example taken from the ceiling, replace it with your own illness.)

Focus on the breath for a moment. Rhythmically sniff the air, exhale through your mouth. Do this for 2 or 3 minutes. You can have your eyes closed or open. Pull your right hand out. Here, imagine that your thumb of the right hand marks the point "A". Assign kidney disease to the "A" point. With the power of your Overmind, place the "A" point on the Unitary Level. (If you are not talking about the Unitary Level concept, put this point in the field of your attention, whatever that means.)

Then, you reach out your left hand. Let the thumb of your left hand mark the point "B". Point "B" assigns a point in the Divine Matrix of Reality (or Unitary Level), which determines the state in which your kidneys are completely healthy and functional. (Little Note: At Unitarian Level, in the Divine Energy Matrix there are all possible states of the World, so you can choose one that will be beneficial for you. In this case, a beneficial condition will be the fact of having healthy kidneys.)


Then visualize that you place this "B" on the Unitary Level. The next step is the quantum entanglement of these two points, namely "A" and "B". You do it so that by your act of will you express such a desire. Bring both thumbs closer to the heart and do the next act of will. You express the desire that these two quantum tangled points will be in the Space of Your Heart. Now you should feel the connection of both thumbs with your heart. Like some energy connection, you can feel this bond as if the energy from your heart is flowing to these thumbs. You can also feel that from the left thumb (point "B") the energy flows to the right thumb (point "A").

If at first you feel nothing, do not worry, but continue the whole process. In this position, with your thumbs in front of your heart, you can stay like that for a few, a dozen or even several dozen minutes. If during this time you will observe the energy connection between the "A" and "B" punts, try to keep this position. Keep doing it until you feel like yawning. (Yawning always indicates that the procedure should be over.)

The treatment ends in such a way that you express the will to make a quantum jump from point "B" to point "A". And from the point "A" to "B". And you express the will that the "A" point takes over all the health properties of the "B" point. At the end, clap your hands together, completely shutting off the energy processes of the entire two-point. Then, try to forget about the whole procedure as soon as possible.


I repeat that this is just a suggestion. You yourself should develop your own version. It can also be noted here that it is assumed that the "A" point is on the right hand: it may be a thumb, it may be one of the other fingers of the right hand. Point "B" is rather placed on which of the fingers of the left hand. But this is also not mandatory. Once you have mastered the whole method, you can place the "A" (or (-) point directly on the sick organ or tissue. And you can even put both points in your thoughts, completely somewhere in the abstract, somewhere in your imagination. The most important in this method is the quantum entanglement of a sick and healthy point. Then making a quantum leap, so that the transformation takes place and (-) turns into a (+).

It should be emphasized that as I mentioned earlier, but now I strongly emphasize that one should take several days breaks in using the two-point method. I've already written it. Our bodies, and not only physical ones, need some time of "peace" to achieve proper homeostasis. This will be the case with any natural medicine method. This is also the case with the two-point method, even if we do not use it to improve health. I personally find it quite strange that this principle is not applied to allopathy (classical medicine). Well, but this is a separate issue and it is not in the subject of this publication.


It is also important, Dear Reader, especially when you are a young man and you think that you have now caught the bull by the horns and here you have a prescription to solve all your present and future problems, but try to keep moderation.  You need some sense in using this method, because otherwise - I, God forbid, I do not want to program negatively - The world, or Nature, will claim its own.

Rather, try to make possible positive changes slowly and gradually. An excessively stretched eraser can break and hit you between your eyes. There is a law that I discovered for myself. This is the case that, as far as fresh diseases (or problems) can be and even should be healed quickly. These old diseases, old problems, it is best to cure slowly, though systematically. This is due to the fact that old diseases deeply root in our structures and are like a rolling snowball. So they take root in the body, in the Subconscious, in the brain and cell memory, in our habits and reflexes. It is not easy to root them out later.

You must even break through these outer layers, those that have grown over the main causes of the disease. These overgrowths are usually pathological and energetic. Often it concerns the nervous tissue. It is difficult for doctors to treat such things. So sometimes they tell their patients that they have to live with it.

All the best,

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