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Trees from rolls - autumn stained glass

Trees from rolls - autumn stained glass

Trees from rolls - autumn stained glass

autumn stained glass

Trees made of rolls in the form of stained glass are a great idea for autumn decoration. There are a lot of colorful leaves around, it's worth going for a walk together and picking up some autumn gifts. In the evening with your child, you can create a stained-glass roller tree. It is a very simple plastic work, even for small children, and gives unusual effects. See step by step instructions on our video.


To make a tree you need:

autumn stained glass2

rolls of toilet paper or kitchen towels, wide, colorless adhesive tape, scissors, colorful leaves, paints, a brush, cardboard

disposable plates or alternatively a piece of paper from a technical unit.

At first, the child paints rolls in shades of brown, creating a tree trunk. After drying, cut the sides at the top of the roll by about 3 cm, so that you can insert the plate into the cuts. You will see it in our video below. In the saucer, cut the center so that only the edge is left. If we do not have a plate, we can cut a hoop from a technical card.


Empty the space in our frame with a wide, colorless adhesive tape, taking care that it does not stick to the table. Using a plate for work, it will be much easier

for us, because the edge is raised slightly higher than the ground.

autumn stained glass3Now we rotate the adhesive plates with the tape side up and the child will paste the crown of the tree. After a while, our collage of leaves will be ready. Now just put the stained glass on the tree trunk and our work is ready.

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