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Honey for children's health: when to give and why is it so healthy?

Honey for children's health: when to give and why is it so healthy?

Honey for children's health: when to give and why is it so healthy?

Honey for children's health should be considered as honey has many nutritional properties. Infants who are not yet one year old should not get honey. But older children - should!

In the past, natural honey for children was sometimes given to even two- to three-month-old babies. Then there was a time when it was recommended to start entering the children's diet after the second or even third birthday, because it is a strong allergen. And how is it now? Current recommendations of specialists say: do not give honey to children who are not yet one year old. That is why honey can make you feel allergic (contains bee pollen). However, when a child has his first birthday behind him, it is worth giving him a small amount of honey, because it is not only tasty, but also very valuable.

Honey for children's health: increases the child's immunity and relieves cough

Above all, it is worth giving honey to children who are undergoing respiratory infection. Scientific research has confirmed that honey relieves cough in a child. Thanks to which a child rarely wakes up at night and can get a good night's sleep. The researchers even stated that natural honey for a child is a more effective cough medicine than antitussives syrup!

Another proven effect of honey is relieving sore throat. However, it should be administered not only during the infection, but also to save her child. Honey inhibits the growth of microorganisms, bacteriostatic and antiseptic. And what's more, it stimulates the immune system, increasing the body's immunity.

In the autumn and winter season, when the upper respiratory tract infection is particularly high, you can give your child 1-2 teaspoons of honey dissolved in 100 ml of warm water every morning. It is important not to dissolve honey at a temperature higher than 40 ° C, because then it loses its pro-health properties.

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Honey for children's health: in supplements

It is also a good idea to give your child supplements containing honey. Ideally, in which it will be combined with other components that improve immunity, such as DHA acids, vitamin C and vitamin D. It has been proven that the intake of 60A DHA from algae reduces the risk of respiratory infections by more than 60%. Vitamin D, called a sunny vitamin, has a multidirectional, very beneficial effect on health. Studies with children show that the supply of vitamin D strengthens the natural immunity, reducing the risk of infection by more than 40 percent.

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