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Top 5 wooden toys for adults

Top 5 wooden toys for adults

Here is my subjective list of wooden toys for the spring of 2017. Creating it I considered design, simplicity of action, creativity and I think that these toys are a common play for parents and their adolescent children than for babies.


Toys designed by TOMOGRAM studio. Looking at the mime, I come to the conclusion that they arose from male love for constantly undressing toys to prime factors and re-building from them a bit different versions of the original model. Maybe that's why they attract attention so much, but for me, as women, they are, above all, nicely made.

You can successfully not only play with them, but put on the bookcase as a decoration. I am convinced by round shapes, although undoubtedly small elements such as screws and connectors are worrying, hence their recipients are certainly bigger boys. Another thing that draws attention is the skillful combination of different materials, i.e. wood, metal, plastic, and colors and shapes.


Another toy designed by the Japanese B6 studio is also a toy that we can put on the bookshelf without shame. It impresses me with the simplicity of the idea and the implementation. Not everyone will come up with the idea that by adding a beak to a wooden peg we will receive a bird and this is the strength of a good design.

Isidro Ferrer

Another designer who impressed me with his approach to the wooden toy theme is Isidro Ferrer, he created a collection of small, "not from this world" creatures. They look like wooden aliens, which testifies to the author's imagination. These are not toys that can be assembled and combined into different configurations.

It is a pity that the creator did not rely on the imagination of recipients who could build new entities. Each figurine has its own name, which indicates a very personal approach to the project, the more that the creator made them himself.

If I want to please smaller customers, I suggest a toy that will please everybody, especially big and small boys.

Scott Schenone

A collection of wooden cars and not just any: excavators, bulldozers and bulldozers. In this case, we can arrange them and configure them freely. Their creator is Scott Schenone, who is an industrial designer and toys seem to be a side effect of his work, but how joyous. Round shapes, nicely chosen colors, small size are undoubtedly additional advantages of the project.

"Alice from the Wonderland"

The last proposal, which should also appeal to girls, are wooden, colorful characters, like from "Alice from the Wonderland". No wonder they delight with colors, designed by illustrator Severin Millet.

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