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Kinds Of Wooden Toys

Different kinds of Wooden Toys are divided into the following categories:

There are many different kinds of wooden toys which perform many different play functions.

  • educational
  • logical: they practice the memory of the child and develop his thought processes
  • motoric: help the child to practice and develop the "art of walking"
  • DIY enthusiast: toys for boys who would like to cut into a small painter, mechanic, plumber, etc.
  • house: toys for children dreaming about playing at home
  • doll houses:
  • wooden queues: extraordinary and breathtaking wooden structures, on which locomotives move
  • rocking toys: they get their child unheated
  • wooden dominoes
  • puzzles
  • wooden blocks
  • sorters
  • wooden toys for pulling / pushing
  • wooden slides
  • furniture for the children's room
  • wooden bicycles
  • wooden carriages

As you can see there are many organisational categories that the different kinds of wooden toys fit into, with some wooden toys crossing over into multiple categories.

Wooden toys, we value above all for their simplicity. The nature of all kinds of wooden toys allow the child to "play with them" in their own way. Do not force anything, let the child create, manipulate and go crazy at will. Wooden toys do not have any instructions, therefore they do not limit the toddler's ingenuity. Little ones must find the application of the toy himself and may try to combine it with other wooden toys in their creative play actions.

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