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Skandico Toys Partner With A Mouse With A House

Skandico Toys Partner With A Mouse With A House

“Ever seen a little girl or boy playing with colors? You can see that their world is as bright as the toys they are playing with, and their minds are racing as they create new stories and scenes! This is what we have in mind when creating Skandico toys.”

These words from Natalie, the founder of Skandico toys, encompasses the joy kids have when playing. According to Natalie, they focus on creating toys with soul, warmth, and as unique as each family that buys them. AMouseWithAHouse has partnered with Skandico toy manufacturers to bring you the best of their toys, including blocks, puzzles, stacking toys, and more.

Children learn and discover the world around them through toys. Skandico focuses on creating toys that help your child interact with their surroundings, providing plenty of happiness, and building their self-esteem. To attract their little minds, big imagination, and happy souls, Skandico ensures all wooden toys come in bright, vibrant colors

Skandico hand makes all their toys, delicately designing each toy to fit a child’s hobbies and needs. The toys also have no added substance, such as paints with chemical ingredients that endanger kids. Instead, Skandico hand-paints all their toys using water-based paints (colored waxes) made in Germany and specifically developed to paint children’s toys. If a child bites on the toy, though not advisable, you don’t have to worry about their safety. The paint is applied in a thin coat to carefully preserve the warmth and velvety texture of the wood, which makes touching them pleasant.
Speaking of touching, exercising fine and gross motor skills ensure kids use their sense of touch. Skandico toys have a lovely grippy feel. Skandico works with highly skilled carpenters from the Ecological region of Russia, some of who have been in the carpentry business for generations. One of the most popular products designed in this region is the famous Matryoshka, Russia’s national toy, and one of the main symbols of the country.

Undeniably, toys take a battering from their young owners who bash them up, throw them around, and smash them together or against hard surfaces. Skandico Wooden toys are made to last, endures rough treatment, ensuring they can be passed down generations. Natalia designs all the toys, something she has been passionate about since she was a little girl. Her love for art, kids, and her experience as a light designer inspires her designs, ensuring she puts a soul in each toy design.

Skandico toys are made to offer children a blank slate to fire up their imagination. Being open-ended, these toys help kids explore ideas, test theories, and engage in concepts, creating an environment where there isn’t fear of making mistakes.

Known for the best wooden toys Australia, the Partnership between AMouseWithAHouse and Skandico focuses on filling homes with wooden toys that kids will love to play with, brightening their world, and helping them learn. Order your Skandico toys and have them delivered within a few days. Call us on 0424 833 164 or email us through to place your order.

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