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5 Reasons Why Janod Toys Will Rock Your Child's World

5 Reasons Why Janod Toys Will Rock Your Child's World

We've got to be honest. It's challenging to find a toy that will rock your child's world and offer both education and entertainment without breaking. Although many toys are education-based, colourful, and incredibly attractive, few achieve the perfect balance of meeting all these qualifications, until Janod wooden toys. The French have a special relationship with toys, and Janod is no different. Since 1970, Janod has specialized in bringing fun and function to kids with their bold and unique designs.

Why we think Janod toys are great

Wooden toys for kids and toddlers

1. Janod toys are educational

Kids have different interests and you might have noticed a few things that spark your child's interest so far. With their wide range of toys, They have wooden toys your little one can use to learn about numerous topics in the world. Whether they are interested in workbenches, a budding architect, or a chef in the making, you can be sure to find toys for them from Janod’s collection.

That's not all. The brand also has a range of toys geared towards helping your child improve their education. For instance, toddlers can learn the alphabet and numbers while your older kids improve their spelling.

2. Spark imagination

The best toys are usually open-ended, which leaves your child's imagination to run wild as they create stories. A pull along toy can be a dog one minute and something else the next while blocks can be arranged into a fortress, castle, hospital, or whatever else your little one will imagine.

3. Encourage pretend play

You've probably found your little one wearing your shoes or clothes, and when you asked them what's going on, they proudly said they are mommy or daddy. Kids learn through imagination, observation, and doing. Janod understands this and has a wide range of pretend toys your child can use. Whether they want to play doctor, be in the circus, race cars, farm, garden, or be in the Janod kitchen, they will have enough toys to encourage pretend play and growth. Colorful toys for kids and toddlers

4. Encourage Cognitive development

Children are learning new things every day, and one of the best ways to keep their brains active is through toys and games. Without their knowledge, they will learn as they solve puzzles, match colours, name animals, and even tell the time. This keeps their brains active and sharp. The brand caters to your kid’s cognitive development with Janod puzzles Australia, stacking pyramids, and other themed toys.

5. Social skills

Besides education, every parent wants to see their child thrive in relationship building and people skills. Using Janod toys Australia, your child can play out troubling emotions and situations as they try to understand how to cope and deal with different circumstances. So, don’t be surprised when their Janod dolls are used to represent people.

Wooden toys have many more advantages, such as helping your child develop confidence, language skills, and even problem-solving. With these benefits, it's easy to see why they will rock your child's world. Order your set of Janod toys from AMouseWithAHouse today.

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