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Puppets in speech therapy

Puppets in speech therapy

Games with puppets help in speech therapy

Thanks to puppets, children learn to pronounce correctly and more eagerly. Check how puppets are used in speech therapy.

Everywhere we hear that learning through play has the best effects. As it turns out, the same can be said about speech therapy, which uses ... puppets. The puppets work perfectly as speech therapy aids, on the example of which we can show the child how to properly perform speech therapy exercises. But there are even more advantages.

Lion puppet


The puppets help in establishing contact with the child

The child we bring to therapy is usually not immediately willing to cooperate, so it is important to establish a connection with him. For this, puppets are useful, which are presented to the child at the beginning of the meeting as necessary helpers who will accompany the child. Thanks to this, it is easier to overcome the child's fear, anxiety and fears. When the child is friendly, we can explain in a friendly atmosphere what the classes will look like.


The puppets help to perform speech therapy exercises

The puppet, which is used in therapy, has a mouth and tongue, making it ideal for demonstrating to children aticulatory exercises and shows how to properly arrange speech organs to trigger a given voice. In the next stage, you can change roles - the child can explain the student how to practice. In this way, the child - by engaging them, acquires the knowledge they need, which translates into better results in therapy.


giraffec puppet

 Children are more likely to imitate the puppet than the therapist

Thanks to puppets, children learn and perform speech therapy more readily than with the help of a therapist. The puppets immediately arouse the child's interest, like any other toy and children find it easier to identify with it and want to imitate it.
Pacynka helps her child in:

  • articulation exercises,
  • swallowing exercises
  • calling phones
  • learning colors and shapes
  • repeating words
  • learning to read in developing vocabulary
  • conducting a dialogue

Puppets can also be used in therapeutic work in delayed speech development, mental retardation, autism and disfluent therapy. A child "speaking by puppet" can feel more comfortable and at ease.


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