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Wooden toys for children

Wooden toys for children

Wooden toys for children

It is natural that as a caring parent, you pay attention to safety while playing with your child. Also regarding the selection of such toys, which are made of plastics that do not produce harmful compounds and have appropriate approvals. Most cheap toys do not have approvals and it can happen that they have been manufactured with harmful substances. In this situation, more and more parents notice the advantage of ecological toys over those made of plastic and other artificial materials. You can buy ready toys or make them yourself with your toddler. For your child it will definitely be great fun.

1. Poisonous toys for children

We have often heard hot reports in the media about toys that should not be used by children. Dangerous, poisonous, flammable toys are not uncommon. A seemingly nice colorful toy car can be covered with lead paint! Therefore, remember to check whether the toy has CE approval. This approval means that the toy is friendly to both our child and the environment. In order to avoid dangers, parents are increasingly turning to ecological wooden toys. The most important thing is that the parent considers only safe toys for children and toy containers.

2. Types of wooden toys for children

Wooden toys are making more and more careers. Usually, these are simple constructions that give the opportunity to develop creative thinking and imagination. Such ecological toys will not harm the child and also contribute to the protection of the natural environment, so you should consider buying them.

The well-known wooden rocking horse returns with great impetus. It is the most ecological toy.Puzzle

Wooden blocks. Blocks are a great toy for children, because they require planning activities and the participation of imagination. First, the child plans to build a castle, and then puts a chosen form out of the blocks.

Wooden puzzle and puzzle. It is a great alternative to the traditional form. They develop patience and analytical thinking in the child.

Wooden train. Beautiful choo-choo train with wagons. Just right for playing with parents. The child learns to connect individual elements and develops agility.
You can also purchase non-toxic paints and paint a wooden train according to your preferences.

Other ecological wooden toys are:

  • puppets,
  • dolls,
  • bears,
  • flowers, frogs, rompers.

3. The impact of toys on the child's development

It is not true that colored plastic toys are better than their ecological counterparts. The fact that the child is more eager to play with them is caused by ads bombing them from everywhere. A wooden romper will develop much more skills than a plastic barbie doll. Let's not be fooled by fashion - let's try to convince our child to the beauty of a wooden toy.

Involve your child in creating original toys from materials available in nature. Natural, ecological toys can be made by children themselves, only a little inventiveness and necessary materials are needed. What can you do with such toys? Here's a list that can give you some ideas:

  • chestnut toys,
  • paper toys,
  • toys from salt mass,
  • toys from material.

Remember: if you want your child to be safe, put on wooden, ecological toys. You can do them together, especially when there is a grim weather outside and you can not get out for a walk.

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