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The predominance of wooden toys over plastic ones

Wooden toys are timeless and do not undergo fashion. In addition, they are almost indestructible and safe. No matter how many times the child drops them, the toy never breaks down, because it does not break, does not bend, does not create sharp edges, does not scatter. Wood does not change its properties under the influence of heat or cold, which means that they do not fade, do not change shape, remain practical and beautiful.

Wooden toys are the only ones that teach a child creativity, motility, logic, develop a child's personality, which can not be said about their plastic counterparts who ride, walk, fly, speak and thus free the child from developing the imagination. Only wooden toys force (in a positive sense) the child to move, translate, arrange them, fit the elements, etc. Thanks to this, the child develops his skills well.

Educational toys

Educational toys with their level of difficulty should correspond to the level of child's development. Other toys are dedicated to three-year-olds and other five or seven-year-olds. At every stage of development, we are able to help the child develop skills through the appropriate selection of wooden toys. The information for which age group the toy is intended for is usually found on the packaging.


Wooden toys are ecological or 100% biodegradable! Let's choose toys of those companies that have CE or DIN EN-71 safety certificates and respect the natural environment.



- are durable, they do not break, they do not crumble, so they can serve several generations :)

- they are safe, have no sharp edges, etc.

- nice to touch

- they are easy to keep clean, because their form is very simple, they do not have a million nooks like their plastic counterparts

- made in an eco-friendly way smells good wood




- they are more expensive than plastic ones, and this is due to higher labor costs and the price of the wood itself, which is incomparably more expensive than plastic


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