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How Wooden Toys Help Visuals, Listerners and Kinesthetics

How Wooden Toys Help Visuals, Listerners and Kinesthetics

Adults play a fundamental role in shaping the child's sensory and kinesthetics experiences. Awareness of the preferred cognitive style, the selection of appropriate toys, including wooden toys. Will provide him with the favorite stimuli, but more importantly, will strengthen his weak points. Believe, proper selection of wooden toys can do wonders.

The right choice of games for the child is meant to stimulate all areas of cognition in the child: hearing, sight and movement. Suggest your child's polisensorical toys such as wooden toys - educational cubes, interactive books, an activity center.

Above all, however, be creative, patient and flexible, let your child find his own pace of work and development.

Visual learners

Eyepiece have a strongly developed observation sense, perfect eye-hand coordination that is needed when the child begins to read and write.

To develop their visual abilities, the colorful garlands should be hung over the cot, when the child is bigger, you can give him a wooden toy - a sorter, colorful circles that are arranged in a pyramid; wooden, necessarily colorful, blocks; or all kinds of pushers, wooden toys on a string with moving elements.

The development of visual abilities at the LISTENERS is a challenge. A mirror with colors that will attract the child's attention will help here, take a set of puppets and try to draw your child's attention to them every time calling the appearing character or animal; play with the baby in a cuckoo, all children love it; Give him a wooden toy - a snake made of many elements that can be arranged in different ways and finally - give him a set of wooden blocks for the little ones.

And how to educate visual skills in KINESTHETICS? Kinestheticians love to be on the move, so take your child for a walk in a baby carrier, it's best to hold the toddler in the front in this way you can intrigue him with the play of lights, and cuddles that start to shine when you cuddle; the "spinning tops", interactive toys with lights and wooden rattles are fantastic.


Auditory skills go hand in hand with acquiring social skills, speech and vocabulary.

The listeners enjoy the real joy of all toys that emit sounds: bells, wooden rattles, crying dolls and squeaking trains. To develop the natural tendencies of the listener it is enough to talk to him or her, sing and talk by modulating the voice. Playable wardrobes and sound-producing objects work.

To the VISIBILITY, in the development of listening abilities, jigsaws will help that make sounds when finding the right puzzle in the place intended for him; any toys that reproduce the sounds of animals will be an incentive for your child to make further efforts. Buy a music box to your child, or a soft hammer that shines or makes sounds when hit. Finally, let your child have a wooden kitchen that produces sounds of baking, frying and cooking and other sounds.

The Kinesthetic will be easier to develop auditory skills if we sing him swaying a baby; massage your child's ear, it will stimulate acupuncture points and the child's ears will fill up with energy; provide him with a cube or an educational table that teaches numbers, colors, songs; you can give him a wooden, multi-functional ride that also meets these requirements; or simply make the baby duck on a string to pull, which during the wanderings on the floor tramps and quacks.


Quick, skillful children with a good sense of balance are loved by their peers.

Kinesthetics are children on the move, to take full advantage of their potential learn massage and often massage your child, it will calm them down and at the same time will give energy to further frolics. Provide your child with maximum physical contact, keep it close to him, kinestheticians love it; give him soft cuddles; prepare the mat for the first gymnastics of the baby, take care of it, and legs, hanging rings, bells, something to pull and dig; buy your child a swing - it will be delighted; or a wooden toy - a punch.


Developing motor skills in children of the VISUALS to provide the child with a lively color, it will be useful to have a large, fabulously colorful ball, wooden pots with wooden fruits and rice, porridge, so that the child can translate everything he finds from one dish to another; a wooden walker will not only help in learning to walk, but can also fulfill educational functions; buy a child a wind-up fish for a bath, when the child pulls the string, it will be watched with interest as it rushes over the water.

In the Learners, training of motor skills consists in rewarding all his movement efforts; try to drive your child not only in the pram, but also in the carriage on the playground, during the ride tell him about what you see here; put on


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