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Development through play. Blocks.

We have two wooden sets at home and one plastic blocks, the later enjoy less popularity, while wooden ones have recently become the focus.

Although the pads have been with us for a long time, only now we notice an increase in interest in them. Blocks

Virtually every day, Lilka puts a bucket with the pads together and bangs them on the floor with a bang, then "disappears" even for 2 hours, she can play with them for up to an hour, if she has a companion, it only takes longer.

Blocks, this is a toy that every child should have. Someone will think "it's just blocks", I say - not ONLY, until.

About how greatly they influence the development of our child, we do not even know, we may know but we do not realize that they affect the development of so many areas.

Did you know that playing with blocks affects the development of social and emotional skills? For communication skills too.

The child learns to cooperate and work together with a friend or a parent. Through play, he develops manual dexterity, hand-eye coordination, creativity, imagination and cause-effect actions.

I can see from my child that playing with blocks gives her a lot of joy and she is interested in it. It develops imagination and creative thinking - its trains are longer and longer, traveling with animals or lego people and small dolls. The buildings are more and more complicated. He builds a slide and a swing (!) He imagines, an enclosure for animals, a doll house, and a car racing circuit. The blocks can also be used for learning colors and counting.

Playing with blocks also affects spatial imagery, in the future such a child copes with planning space, furnishing a room. Children playing with blocks are supposed to deal with mathematics better.


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