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A Step-by-step Guide to Build Doll's Home

A Step-by-step Guide to Build Doll's Home

A doll's house will be treasured by your child for many years. If it's one that you made, it will be even more special. This is an easy D.I.Y. project. This project has been decorated with adhesive film and wallpaper samples. You can add your own style to it and can make your own doll room set in Perth! You can save time by having the larger rectangular pieces cut in-store.

Follow these steps to make your own doll room set.


Measure, cut, and mark plywood

Cut a 600 x 596 mm piece of plywood for the back wall. Three 582 x 300 mm-deep floors will be used. Four 400 x 300 mm pieces will be used for doors and sides. Measure up to 200mm along the plywood's 596mm width and mark the center for the roof front triangle. The offcuts can be used to build the internal walls.

To mark the top edge of the triangle, place the roof front on the top of your back piece. Then use a template to position the triangle. Smoothen all pieces with 180-grit Abrasive Paper. Remove any marks along with the cuts and wipe away dust with a cloth.

Assemble the pieces by using set squares with clamps. Run adhesive along the back edges. Position the back piece, and then secure it with bullethead nails at intervals of 100mm.

To avoid splitting the timber, tap the nails 20mm from the ends. Then pull the plywood into place as you go. To avoid any drips or smudges when working with PVA adhesive, keep a damp cloth handy.

Install the rooftop floor and base by applying adhesive to the sides and back edges. Place them inside the wall and flush with the ceiling. Secure the roof with nails.

Use a utility knife to trim the self-adhesive films to the right size and cover floors before installing.

Mark 200mm from the wall's outside and inside to install the middle floor. Tape the adhesive to the back and sides of the walls. Secure the edges with nails.

Before you attach the floor, stick wallpaper to the back wall.

You can make the internal walls using plywood offcuts. Cut two pieces of 250 x 193 mm and slide them onto the ground floor or middle floor.

Apply adhesive to the top, back, and base to ensure they fit snugly. Slide them into place, clamp, and let dry.

Place the doors flush with the top of the floor to hang them. To position the hinges at the top or base of the doors, mark the area 10mm from the edges. Secure them with 6mm screws using a screwdriver. Install a magnetic catch on the underside of the middle floor using 6mm screws. The supplied magnets are positioned on the inside.

To drill the round window, clamp the roof front on a stable surface. Mark the center point at 72.5mm above the base. Place the roof front against the back wall. Mark the center point 22mm below the point. Use a 22mm hole saw to drill the rafter holes. Sand the surface.

Adhere to the rafter holes as well as the base of your roof front. Place the dowel into the holes. Angle the roof front's base so that it is flush with the top floor. Secure the dowel with nails through the roof and clamp it. Dry. Alternatively you can buy it too.

Ladder: 12 pieces of 8mm dowel, cut to length 50mm, can be used to make a ladder. Use a 2mm drill bit to drill holes at each end. Attach a 3mm macrame cord to one end, and then attach an eye hook. Then thread the other side. Place the rungs at 30mm apart. Apply adhesive to the ends, then tie the ends. The eye hook should be inserted into the top floor's underside.

Swing: Drill 2mm holes at the corners of plywood cut measuring 40 x 70 mm. Attach macrame cord to the holes, and then tie the ends.

Surfboards: Use 5mm balsa to cut shapes, then smoothen the edges using abrasive papers. Finally, apply two coats with a flat craft brush.


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