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A simple meditation to relax

A simple meditation to relax

10 minutes can work wonders. A simple meditation to relax

Today, a bit about meditation and the fact that just a few (10-15 minutes a day) to reduce stress, relax the body and put the mind in a positive state. These "miracles" can be meditated in such a short time.

Meditation is not difficult, and its mastery does not last for years, months, or even weeks. The effects are felt after the first session. A simple form of meditation can be learned by yourself, although the greatest effects will be under the supervision of the instructor (teacher) in the meditation group.

There are many types of meditation, however, no matter what you decide, the benefits will be shared: relaxation of the body, reaching a calm, positive state of mind, lower stress level, and with regular practice: inner peace, better health and well-being. Therefore, I invite you to a short meditation, which can be practiced alone or in a group of friends.

Meditation for relaxation

You can take a sitting or lying position. Relaxation music is some facilitation. You need 10-15 minutes of free time.


Start with the conscious intention of total body and mind relaxation and receiving the gift of healing. Take a few deep breaths and take a comfortable body position. Try to get rid of everything that occupies your mind. This is your time to relax and it is important that nothing distracts you.


Focus on the toes and try to "find" the tension, release it. At the beginning, the physical tension of the fingers and their relaxation may be helpful. One must gradually become acquainted with the experience of conscious relaxation, thanks to which this process will become simpler.


Move your attention slowly to the other areas of the feet, consciously relaxing every place. To help yourself, you can repeat the words "relax and relax" in your mind, slowly moving your attention to your ankles, calves and knees. Move your attention up the body, consciously relaxing every part of it. If your attention goes somewhere for a moment, just go back to the starting point.

After reaching the top of your head, take a few minutes to realize how it feels to be fully relaxed. The more you remember this impression, the easier it will be to repeat it and recall it during everyday activities.

Mastering this technique takes some time, you shouldn't be disappointed when you still feel some tension after the first few sessions. It will change over time and this technique will become natural.

At this point, you can finish, dedicate positive energy and slowly get up.


All the best,


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