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Wooden toys in child development

Wooden toys in child development

Timeless, versatile and durable. They encourage fun, stimulate the imagination, develop manual skills. Therefore, it is worth investing in them instead of playing, glowing and moving gadgets.

Wooden toys thanks to their simplicity allow you to focus on the very play: building, constructing, arranging. The toy, although it does not move itself, can be put in motion. It is often from the imagination of a child to determine how it will revive a toy, whether it will be a flying plane controlled by his hand or a rolling ball in a ball-head - the track of his own design. The possibilities that wooden toys give do not limit the child's creativity. It is safe to say that wooden toys offer the child full freedom, independence and decision-making.

Also, when it comes to the versatility and durability, wood wins competition with publicly available plastic. In the drawers of my children's room, there are toys that remember the times of my childhood. They are of raw wood, you can see the tooth of time, but you can still play with them freely. Currently, we have a huge selection of wooden toys.

It is worth paying attention to the quality of their performance, because these cheaper ones can have burrs, sharp edges and paint can chafe. It is best to invest in branded, although more expensive, but we are sure that the wood used is of good quality (sometimes from controlled crops). Paints and varnishes covering the toy safe - non-toxic (eg without lead, nickel) and adhesives used for joints without formaldehyde content. Then it can be said that these are real ecological toys. Some people are afraid of cleaning them - unnecessarily. Just wipe the elements with a damp cloth and then with a dry cloth and it's ready.

Science through exploration

The child's independent exploration of the "experience" of the toy gives him great joy. In the youngest, even a rattle may turn out to be developing, for example in the shape of a "ladybug" with moving dots. The toy was not only adjusted in size to the hands of a toddler, but also painted on the child's brain stimulating colors: black and red (the effect of colors on the development of children we wrote here). The dots can be rotated with the fingers, the ladybird can "ride" on the floor, or even act as a massager, when it will spin around the baby's body.

For the sitting toddler, the puzzle will be stimulating. Our wooden puzzles "touch and feel" have worked well for us. Little creatures: colorful, with different textures and shapes (stimulating the sense of touch), handy and durable. And again, the puzzles are so creative that the child from the stand can move them to the created world, the snail will walk on the carpet, the bee will fly near the flowers, etc.

For small fingers, it is ideal for small motor skills to cut vegetables and fruit. However, before the child grows up to work in the kitchen, he can practice cutting on wooden elements combined with Velcro, which teach incredible concentration, and are also the basis for playing in the shop or cooking.


When the toddler is already crawling, or is already making the first steps, an inseparable companion of his small journeys can become a toy to pull, for example, a crocodile, which pulls the string, plays swaying sideways and rattles. This toy is remarkable for several reasons: it was made of ecological raw materials: plush fabric and wooden (rubber wood) districts that can be dismantled, and Wonderworld, which created it, works in the "tree plus" program, in which the place of one old a new rubber tree is planted for the production of toys.


The most universal, however, are ... blocks. They play a significant role among wooden toys in the mental and physical development of a toddler. They are a great material for varied, creative and independent fun, and the buildings that are made of them are often amazing constructions. Blocks connect generations, even grandparents can build with their grandchildren.

The selection of blocks is huge: from the simplest one-colored / multicolor wooden ones, through sound pads, blocks with letters / numbers / pictures, polygonal to sensory: with colored windows, with different textures. Building with blocks is an opportunity for the child to gather various and rich experiences.  I believe that they should be found in every children's room.

And suddenly, it turns out that you do not need an electronic toy, which "plays with itself", bringing the child only to the role of an observer. A toddler thanks to his own imagination creates a fairy-tale world with wooden toys, in which he feels good. Joy appears when it sees the effect of its work, for example looking at a self-built tower of blocks. Let's stimulate the creativity of our children - buy them wooden toys.

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