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Legler - Wooden Bending Dolls Farm Figures

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Legler - Wooden Bending Dolls Farm Figures


The popular wooden bending dolls are a must for role play. These seven wooden farm character figures from toy maker Legler, are easy to hold and can move and bend their wooden arms and legs. Everyday life on a farm can be role played and re-staged using these wooden bendy figurines with; grandfather and grandmother, mummy and daddy and their children dressed in farm style clothing.

The earliest documented version of dolls that have been discovered historically go back to the ancient civilizations of Egypt, Greece and Rome. Traditional dolls were made of materials such as clay and wood and found in the Americas, Asia, Africa and Europe.

Moveable, bending peg wooden dolls, also known as Dutch dolls, are a type of wooden doll orginating from the Netherlands and Germany. The original lathe-turned dolls were from the Val Gardena in the Alps.

Other similarly constructed bending wooden dolls, use a jointing technique where the arms and legs are attached to the body with pegs. Historically these are some of the oldest surviving dolls, and were made worldwide. Sometimes a peg wooden doll's arms or legs are locked together by the jointing system, so if one arm is moved the other will move. An advanced form of peg joints is where the body pegs are "split" and attached separately allowing independent movement.


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