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Grimm’s Small World Play By the Water

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Grimm’s Small World Play By the Water


Step into a serene seaside retreat with the Grimms Wooden Toys Australia Blue Beach House Set, a treasure trove of natural play available at your local Toyshop Perth. This captivating open-ended playset is designed to foster creativity and a deep connection with the natural world through its beautifully crafted wooden components.

Each set includes a charming 6-piece cottage, symbolizing the warmth and comfort of coastal living. Accompanied by two friendly wooden figures, the set encourages social play and storytelling. The collection also features four tactile rings, a smooth rolling roller, two playful beads, and one versatile string, allowing for a multitude of play scenarios. Completing the set are two sturdy plates, a piece of soft felt, and a welcoming wooden bowl, perfect for organizing and displaying the treasures your child discovers.

At Grimms Wooden Toys Australia, the love for wood as a material shines through in every piece. The natural markings and unique wood grain found in each toy celebrate the beauty of nature, ensuring that no two toys are exactly alike. These distinctive features are not only signs of the wood's natural origin but also indicators of the brand's commitment to quality - a hallmark of the Toyshop Perth's curated collection.

The Blue Beach House Set is designed to be enjoyed by a wide range of ages. Older children and adults over 6 can appreciate the intricate design and storytelling potential, while preschoolers aged 3 to 6 can explore the set's tactile elements and engage in imaginative play. Grimm's Wooden Toys, with their timeless appeal and educational value, make them a favorite among Perth families and educators alike.

Bring the peaceful essence of coastal life into your home with this exquisite set from Grimms Wooden Toys Australia. Available now at your favorite Toyshop Perth, this playset is more than just a toy; it's an invitation to create, imagine, and cherish the unique wonders of nature. Shop today and let the Blue Beach House Set open the door to endless playtime possibilities for your family.


Immerse Yourself in Sustainable Play with Grimms Wooden Toys Australia

Welcome to the world of sustainable, imaginative play with Grimms Wooden Toys Australia, your gateway to a treasure trove of eco-friendly, creative fun. At AMouseWithAHouse Toy Store, we are proud to present the full spectrum of Grimms Toys, each lovingly crafted to inspire and educate. Our comprehensive online collection is at your fingertips, ready for families across Australia to explore and enjoy.

Grimms Wooden Toys are celebrated for their vibrant colours, natural textures, and simple yet elegant designs that spark the imagination and encourage open-ended play. As a leader in the realm of quality wooden toys, Grimms adheres to the philosophy that playing is learning, and every toy is created to enhance a child's developmental journey through joyful discovery.

Our extensive range includes the iconic stacking rainbows, whimsical building sets, charming puzzles, and delightful figurines – all designed to stimulate the minds and hearts of young learners. Each Grimms piece is fashioned from sustainable wood sources and finished with non-toxic paints and oils, making them safe for children and kind to our planet.

AMouseWithAHouse Toy Store is your destination for Grimms Wooden Toys in Australia. We are dedicated to providing an effortless online shopping experience, complete with detailed product information and images that truly capture the beauty and uniqueness of each toy. Whether you're shopping for a special occasion or simply looking to add to your child's playtime repertoire, our selection is sure to enchant and engage.

Invite the magic of Grimms Wooden Toys into your home and join countless Australian families who have already discovered the joy these timeless toys bring. With AMouseWithAHouse Toy Store, it's never been easier to purchase these beloved wooden wonders. Shop our full collection of Grimms Toys online now and begin a new chapter of playful learning and fun for your little ones.


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