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Goki - Puzzle Hands

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Goki - Puzzle Hands


Your young children can learn to count from 1 to 10 using your fingers with Goki - Puzzle Hands wooden puzzle toy. Bright colours and learning numbers make it easy.

This Goki - Puzzle Hands wooden puzzle stimulates your young children with problem solving through matching the pieces to form the correct completed shape in this puzzle, whilst teaching body shape awareness and simple body parts/anatomy (hands/fingers). The mathematical benefits of learning to sequence puzzle pieces, matching, pairing (left and right hand - fingers), and number counting are suitable for very young children and pre-schoolers, as well as for special needs children and early education resources. This gorgeous wooden puzzle from Goki has fourteen pieces.

Also consider getting the matching Goki - Puzzle Feet wooden puzzle where you can reinforce the learning through counting, matching, sequencing the toes of the feet in the same way.

Goki - Puzzle Hands product measurement: 37.8 x 19.8 cm
Packaging: foil
Weight (per piece): 0.25 kg
Number of pieces: 14
Age suitability: 2+
Material: Wood


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