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Goki - Layer Puzzle Geometrical Shapes

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Goki - Layer Puzzle Geometrical Shapes


The Goki - Layer Puzzle Geometrical Shapes - is colourful, demanding, instructive, increases concentration, high puzzle appeal. Puzzles can also be technical and geometric - lots of children enjoy arranging and sorting. The coordinated colour design ensures that the visual appearance is not neglected.

This type of puzzle benefits young children in teaching them shape awareness, item matching, problem solving and is a suitable early education toy for preschoolers.

There are many overall learning and educational benefits of wooden puzzles for young children that parents should recognise when choosing a range of toys for their children's development. Puzzles are a self correcting learning tool which promote language skills, math skills whilst improving eye-hand co-ordination. The children develop fine motor ability, developing persistence and adaptable and abstract thinking. Wooden puzzles assist in developing social skills and communication during the play process.

Goki - Layer Puzzle Geometrical Shapes Product Measurement: 19.7cm x 19.7cm x 1.4cm
Weight: 0.31 kg
Number of pieces: 16
Age suitability for the Goki - Layer Puzzle Geometrical Shapes: 2+ years of age.
Material: Wood


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