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A Wobbel Board / Wobble Original Lacquered

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A Wobbel Board / Wobble Original Lacquered


Wobbel Original Lacquered - Transparent Lacquer

Introducing the Wobbelboard Original Lacquered with Transparent Finish: A Timeless Classic for Imaginative Play

Elevate your child's playtime with the exquisite Wobbelboard Original Lacquered, coated with a child-safe, water-based translucent lacquer. This Wobbel Board is the epitome of simplicity and endless fun, suitable for infants from 0 months and up.

The Essence of Wobbelboard Original Lacquered: A Multifaceted Play Experience

Crafted as a contemporary take on the Steiner (Waldorf) balance board, the Wobbelboard Original Lacquered is a testament to the power of minimalist design in unlocking a child's imaginative potential. Whether your little one sees it as a balance board, a cozy lounge seat, or even an elephant's majestic back, this Wobbel Board is a canvas for creativity and a milestone in their developmental journey.

Unmatched Versatility with the Wobbel Board

The Wobbelboard isn't just a toy; it's an interactive tool that fosters balance, grace, and core strength, while also being a delightful indoor play companion for all ages. This Wobbel Board encourages families to stay active and play together, blending fitness with fun.

A Stylish and Safe Addition to Your Home

Not only does the Wobbelboard Original Lacquered serve as a fantastic plaything, but it also adds a touch of elegance to your home decor. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use with proper care, this Wobbel Board is a versatile choice for conscious parents.

Certified Safe and Eco-Friendly: The Wobbelboard Commitment

The Wobbelboard Original and its felt-lined versions meet the highest safety standards, with CE certification and compliance with European and Australian Safety Standards for toys. Each Wobbel Board is lovingly designed and manufactured in The Netherlands, embracing natural materials such as FSC-certified European beech wood and water-based paints. The eco-friendly felt base is crafted from Italian wool, using water-based paints and devoid of synthetic chemicals.

Product Features:

- Dimensions: 90 x 30 cm
- Age Suitability: From Birth
- Brand: Wobbel

Choose the Wobbelboard Original Lacquered for a toy that evolves with your child, providing a foundation for years of joyful and developmental play. Experience the harmony of design, safety, and sustainability with this cherished Wobbel Board.


Explore a World of Balance and Imagination at Amousewithahouse: The Leading Toy Store in Perth, Australia

At Amousewithahouse Toy Store, located in the vibrant city of Perth, Australia, we believe in the magic of play. Our shelves are filled with toys that are not only fun but also foster growth and creativity in children. We are excited to feature the innovative Wobbelboard, a versatile balance board that has quickly become a favorite among families seeking quality playtime experiences.

The Wobbelboard: A Must-Have Playtime Companion from Your Favorite Perth Toy Store

Proudly showcased at Amousewithahouse, the premier toy store in Perth, Australia, the Wobbelboard is more than just a toy; it's a tool for developmental play. Known for its sleek design and endless possibilities, the Wobbelboard encourages children to rock, balance, and let their imaginations soar. Whether they're pretending to surf the waves or creating a tunnel for their toy cars, the Wobbelboard brings hours of joy and learning to playtime.

Why Perth Chooses Amousewithahouse for Wobbelboards and More

Parents in Perth, Australia, trust Amousewithahouse Toy Store as their source for high-quality, sustainable toys. Our commitment to providing toys like the Wobbelboard, which is crafted using eco-friendly practices and materials, ensures that we're offering products that align with the values of our community. When you visit our toy store, you're not just picking up a new plaything; you're becoming part of a family that cares deeply about the impact of our children's toys on the world they will inherit.

Bring Home the Joy of Wobbelboards from Amousewithahouse in Perth

We invite you to step into the enchanting world of Amousewithahouse Toy Store in Perth, Australia, where the Wobbelboard awaits to start a new adventure with your family. Perfect for kids and appreciated by parents for its aesthetic appeal, the Wobbelboard is a toy that truly fits into any home and lifestyle. Come and discover the fun for yourself!

Amousewithahouse: Your Destination for Wobbelboards in Perth, Australia

Make your way to Amousewithahouse Toy Store in Perth, Australia, and join the countless families who have fallen in love with the Wobbelboard. Our friendly staff are ready to help you select the perfect model for your little ones and to share tips on how to get the most out of this fantastic balance board. For imaginative play that also enhances physical development, choose the Wobbelboard at Amousewithahouse, where happiness and play go hand in hand.


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