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GOKI - Memo Game, Mother and Child

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GOKI - Memo Game, Mother and Child


The GOKI - Memo Game, Mother and Child is how good a memo game can be. With the loving, elaborate mother-and-child illustrations in the current Goki design, this memo game provides extraordinary playing appeal.

Matching and Memory Games such as GOKI - Memo Game, Mother and Child are very beneficial for the development of young children. They assist to improve concentration whilst training visual memory. Memo games will increase short term memory and increase attention to detail. They are known to improve the ability to find similarities and differences in objects. Your children will learn to classify objects that are grouped by similar traits and through all of this play, they will improve vocabulary.

Product Measurement: 8.5 x 7cm
Packaging: Box with lid, glued, shrink wrapped
Weight (per piece): 0.23 kg
Number of pieces: 16
Age suitability: 2+ years old
Material: Wood


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