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Wooden Toys and Wooden Building Blocks

Wooden Toys and Wooden Building Blocks

Wooden toys have been around for centuries. Wooden toys as such, are among the earliest objects humankind has created. During the stone age period toys were made from stone. But as time passed by, it was discovered that wood was a great natural material to create toys. Stones and later metal were used to carve toys out of wood.

Nowadays wooden toys are among the easiest and yet most neglected source of entertainment for our children. The reason is, that in our modern times, wooden toys have become something like an ‘exclusive’ or special toy. Too complicated for many as wooden toys need love and care and often interactive or creative effort in play is needed on behalf of the participant. For many it might be easier to switch on the TV and have the little ones simply watch a movie.

A particular wooden toy product we would like to speak about in this blog post are wooden building blocks. This kind of wooden toys are a great way to let the little one engages his or her creativity. One day they might be building a house. The next day they could be building a bridge. Than they might create a street through the living room and pretend they are racing cars. Are you cooking dinner and your little one wants to help? Could the blocks now be part of the meal preparation activity. The yellow block could represent an egg, the red could be a piece of watermelon and the green one could be a salad. But dishes are not square. Well for little ones in their imagination, they might be. Part of their developmental learning process is to create a world of their own. It is important to leave them the freedom to declare the sky red.

Was that it? No, of course not. Wooden toys and in this example wooden building blocks are a haptic experience. Whether they are left natural or coloured the kids will love to hold them in their hands and play around with them. They will want to carry them around, place them on the table, maybe on the couch. They will want to see what happens to them if placed in the bathtub and what the dog thinks about them. The possibilities are endless, and you can be sure that the little ones will always find new ways to use them.


Haptic perception (Greek: haptόs "palpable", haptikόs "suitable for touch") means literally the ability "to grasp something". Haptic perception is the human ability to experience and interpret things based on touch + movement. It is category of sensation.


Even later on, as adults, they will still have a meaning. A memory of many hours of joyful spent entertainment. That is the conscious part of it. But subconsciously this form of playing will help develop many skills. It helps stimulate the brain in so many ways and therefore will tremendously benefit the mental development of your child.

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