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Why wooden toys are better than plastic?

Why wooden toys are better than plastic?

Why wooden toys are better than plastic?

Many years ago, before the plastic was invented, wood was mostly used for the production of toys. Traditional wooden toys were often hand-made and even had moving parts, wheels, etc.

Almost all types of toys can be made of wood:

blocks, queues, cars, dollhouses, dolls, tools, musical instruments, puppets, puzzles and many more. Despite the fact that many toys are now made of plastic - wooden toys still have many benefits in wooden toys.

Here's why wooden toys have an advantage over plastic:

A wooden toy does not need a battery - which means that you do not have to bother with a replacement every now and then,
Wooden toys from reputable manufacturers are non-toxic and unlikely to contain dangerous chemicals, which is especially important for young children who like to take everything in their mouths,
Wooden toys are environmentally friendly,
Wooden toys usually do not have sharp tips or edges, which makes them safe for children,
Wooden toys are much more durable than plastic, they can not be easily broken or damaged,
Because plastic toys can be broken more easily - it is more likely that the child can choke on small pieces,

Wooden toys help children to develop

eg wooden construction sets develop children's spatial imagination, manual skills, puzzles - teach logical thinking, threading wooden beads teaches concentration and precision, etc ...
Well-constructed wooden toys are not heavy and are pleasant to the touch, which stimulates a pleasant tactile experience while playing,
Wooden toys more than commercial toys from TV or plastic figures develop children's creativity and imagination. There are so many ways to play with wooden blocks ...
Wooden toys bring children together in play. Playing with puzzles or blocks - children do not need to know the characters of tales or TV programs. It brings children together and lets you enjoy simple fun.

It is no coincidence that wooden toys have been with us for many generations and are still popular. These toys are safe, they bring out the creativity of children and develop various skills. Not to mention the fact that children love them !!!


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