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Recycling ideas

Recycling ideas

7 ideas about what to do with plastic bottles

Recycling is a rapidly growing trend. It allows you to transform old, unnecessary items and give them a new life. In addition, it reduces the amount of garbage and waste. There are no limits in recycling, you can create everything from everything: furniture from pallets, candles from old jars or even lamps from old cans. You are limited only by your creativity. If you want to do something useful from ordinary bottles, then we present a list of 7 ideas for their use.


Flower vases are a perfect addition to all rooms. Empty or filled with flowers is a decoration that can be used in the kitchen, living room or bedroom. Why spend money on new decorations when you can do it yourself. You only need an old bottle, double-sided tape and decorative paper strips. Wrap the bottle piece by piece. You can choose any pattern. Your eco vase is ready.

Use the bottle as a stamp

The bottom of the plastic bottle will be the perfect stamp for painting colorful designs.

All you have to do is dip the bottle in the paint and bounce the pattern on the paper. The flower effect is ready and you can create your own works of art.

An ornamental bottle for cleaning

Who says that the packaging of cleaning products must be boring? Make a decorative glass bottle, which will be not only functional, but also beautiful. Paint it with selected colors, pour the liquid and screw the tip with the sprayer. You will see how such a small change will give you energy, and cleaning will be more enjoyable.

Decorative container in the shape of an apple

Cut the bottom of the bottle. paint it with red paint, put a small bag of candies inside and tie a green bow at the top. This decorative box for sweetness is charming and will work both at the party and as a container for a second breakfast for your child.

Hanging flower pots

Plastic pots are ideally suited as hanging flower pots. Just cut the bottle in half, make holes on the sides and pull the string through them. You can also paint the bottles with colorful paints. Now all you have to do is plant the flowers and hang the pot on the hook.

Pencil case from bottles

It is a genius solution for using old bottles. The pencil case for storing crayons or other office accessories is made of plastic bottles, a colored zipper, scissors and a hot glue gun. You can create different sizes to match what you're going to store.

Cats from plastic bottles

Plastic ornaments can be really cute. Make containers in the shape of cats, which you can use as pots or coasters for any items. You only need old bottles, white spray paint, scissors, black and pink marker. You can of course create any shapes, sizes, colors and mines. It all depends on your imagination.


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