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Why have wooden, ecological toys become so popular?

Just imagine the parent ... right away, if you're a parent, you know how it looks ... Stacks of colorful, plastic, luminescent and playing toys pouring out of boxes and baskets. What if they were to replace them with wooden ones? Well, maybe not all, but I would like to exchange some of the toys for their analogous wooden counterparts. Why? It's not fashion that promoted them, and their advantages that made wooden toys fashionable!


Let's note what toys are made of, most of them are unfortunately still produced from toxic ingredients that adversely affect the functioning of the body. However, there are more and more wooden toys in the stores, whose 100% natural composition convinces parents, while at the same time guaranteeing no less fun than fun.

We go shopping, how to choose the perfect toy?

We are facing a difficult choice because we want the toy to be attractive to the child, but also educational, at the same time durable (in the end it is to serve, sometimes and for the second child) and of course it must be safe for the health of our children. In part, this will help us with the special CE marking. The manufacturer declares in this way that the product meets the requirements of the European Union in the field of safety and ecology. Parents' awareness is getting bigger and bigger in this matter, which is shown by the spill of various wooden toys for children in stationary and online stores.

Eco-friendly toys are not just wooden toys, but also made of eco-friendly rubber or even paper! For smaller children, we find a lot of baby toys, teethers made of this child-friendly material, which is rubber.

Why wooden toys will never get bored?

They are extremely durable, so they can serve many generations. When playing with such a toy, the child learns more creativity, motility and logic, which can not be said about plastic counterparts that move and speak themselves, thus limiting the development of the child's skills. The simplicity of making wooden toys forces the child to use the imagination, which helps shape his character traits. Timelessness confirms all the advantages of wooden toys.

Many interesting wooden toys can easily be ordered online, with delivery to your home, at the online store


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