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Holztiger Wooden Figures

Holztiger Wooden Figures

Holztiger Wooden Figures

Whimsical Expressions, Smooth Finish, Minimalistic Design

Holztiger wooden figures are specifically known throughout the world for their whimsical expressions, smooth finish and the simplicity of their minimalistic design which enchant both children and adults alike. Holztiger wooden animals, dinosaurs and character figures are quality toys intended for quality play through multiple generations of children.

There are approximately 338 products in the Holzitger toy figure range. Holztiger figures are large in size and are a comfortable toy for children to play with. Each beautifully handmade wooden heirloom toy figure is individually handmade in Europe from solid German maple and beech hardwoods, gently rounded, carefully sanded and hand-painted with water-based paints, perfect for children to play with and collect.

AMouseWithAHouse Toy Store in Australia have the award winning Holztiger figures available in our online toy store. You can browse through the Holztiger toy figures to explore the wonderful world of Holztiger and select which figures may best suit your child's needs. The wooden animals, dinosaurs and figures are perfect on their own or build your collection of Holztiger.

German toy manufacturer Holztiger hand-crafted wooden figures & wooden animal toy figures are individually hand-crafted from maple and beech woods. The toy figures are hand-painted to a high quality with safe nontoxic, water-based paints which allow the natural wood grain to show through.

The natural look and feel of the wood of these beautiful toys evokes a connection with your child's surroundings and the natural environment. Waldorf style animals allow children to create their own fantasy world where the animals take the form that their imagination dictates. The Waldorf education, also known as Steiner education, is based on the educational philosophy of Rudolf Steiner, the founder of Anthroposophy. Its pedagogy strives to develop pupils' intellectual, artistic, and practical skills in an integrated and holistic manner.

Holztiger toy figures are large in size, appealing with a smooth finished surface making them pleasant to touch. They are crafted to be about 2.5cm thickness with all surfaces and edges sanded to a very smooth finish.

The Holztiger toy company are committed to making sure the world remains a colourful and liveable place. Each year they plant one tree for every new child born in their northern German state – approximately 25,000 trees per year for new public woodland that remains the common property of the state for all to enjoy!

Holztiger wooden figures are sealed with a nontoxic water lacquer making each figure resistant to perspiration and saliva. The finished Holztiger product that we hold in our hand is charming and captivating. The ideal age recommended for Holztiger figures is three years of age and upwards.

The Holztiger figures are large in size making them perfect for a child’s hands to grip. Approximately 2.5 cm thick in size and pleasant to the touch. Holztiger wooden toy figures are recognised by their high-quality play value and are frequently collected for a number of years so as to form a complete play set of figures from large forests to small hands.

Holztiger designers understand that children learn from the world around them and so have chosen to create figures that children will encounter in their daily lives, in their surrounding communities, the books which they read and shows which they watch, allowing children to relive what they have seen and experienced in real life and nature. Holztiger toy design team incorporate the cycle of observation, interaction and play which develops understanding, creativity and problem-solving skills.

The Holztiger designers aim to keep the toy figures that they create, minimalistic to encourage imagination. The use of a vibrant colour palette is chosen for Holztiger figures because they are known to awaken a desire for exploration and discovery.

The wooden figures by Holztiger are shaped from the native maple and beech wood from forests in southern Germany. Holztiger sources wood from suppliers who are certified by the German government and adhere to sustainable management of their timber resources which creates the ability for the ecosystem to keep running indefinitely, fulfilling the needs of the present and future generations and maintaining economic viability without depleting natural resources. In the manufacturing process for the creation of wooden animals and wooden figures, Holztiger stamp the figures which are cut out with a saw. The toy craftsmen then smooth off the rough surfaces and edges. The wood is then primed and sanded one last time to its satin finish.

Holztiger artists will then individually hand-paint each figure with water paints which are not only environmentally and people friendly, they allow the natural grain of the wood to show through. The suppliers of paint products all conform to toy safety standards and are subjected to regular inspection. All paints, varnishes and wood stains are water-based and free from harmful and toxic solvents.

The final step in the toy manufacturing process is when the Holztiger logo is burnt into the wooden figure, then it is a trip to quality control to ensure that the finished toy meets the exacting standards before being released to the public.

Start your experience with the joy of Holztiger wooden figures by browsing the AMouseWithAHouse Toy Store collection of Holztiger Toys available for you to buy now!

Who is AMouseWithAHouse Toy Store in Australia? Australian toy store AMouseWithAHouse has a large range of the most popular, quality made German toys and European manufactured wooden toys from all the major international toy brands in the toy market, now including Holztiger! All our selected toys are safe and durable, conforming to EN71 European standard for toy safety standards.

We currently stock the following toy brands: Holztiger, Grimm’s, Drewart, Janod, Sarah’s Silks, Selecta, Kinder Kram, Goki, Varis Toys, Fagus, Legler, Magic Wood, Nic, Verneuer, and Wobbel.

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