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Healthy Eating - Shopping List

Healthy Eating - Shopping List

A Shopping List for Healthy Eating

Once you make a decision about healthy eating and you want to improve your nutrition, take with you this shopping list, containing 10 necessary products:

1. Vegetables and fruitsVegetables

After cleaning the cabinets and the refrigerator with junk products, we go shopping. The first steps are directed to the greengrocer, where we supply abundantly with fresh vegetables and fruits.

If we know a farmer nearby, who we know for certain that he is doing "God's way" or without chemistry, then we buy from him. Or maybe one of your friends has a plot of land? If you do not have such opportunities - it does not matter. It's better to eat a vegetable than not eat it at all or eat a cutlet.

The most frequent of our concerns and doubts towards obtaining true healthy eating, may arise from the spraying of vegetables or fruit. As you know the farmer when spraying crops, and then it rains, he must spray again (rain rinses spray). In the online stores you can get special liquid for rinsing vegetables and fruits to get rid of pesticides.

We can also get rid of possible sprays from the surface of vegetables and fruits in a simple home way. We leave vegetables and fruits in a solution of baking soda for a few minutes (about a tablespoon of baking soda per liter of water, which will give us a pH of about 10, sufficient to hydrolyze the chemicals used for spraying), then rinse with clean water and ready.

Himalayan salt2. Sea and Himalayan salt

Because we threw unnecessary spices into our basket, such as salt refined or Vegeta / Jarzynka / Kucharek - we have to obtain new ones. Sea salt is indispensable in longevity man's inventory - this salt alkalizes the blood (in contrast to the refined white salt that acidifies it). We can buy Himalayan salt in online stores. It has a wonderful taste, deeper and richer than sea salt, it replaces Vegeta in most cases. Himalayan salt is a few dozen natural elements (micronutrients) necessary for our body, including: calcium, magnesium, lithium, boron, silicon, sulfur, etc.

3. Nuts and seeds and dried fruits

It is necessary to have various stocks at home
- nuts: almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, brazilian, cashews, macadamia, pecans, coconut (chips) and others we like.

- seeds: linseed, sunflower, pumpkin, sesame and other seeds we like and seeds for sprouts that we do not eat directly but only after germinating. Their breeding is a real pleasure, and eating even more I recommend starting with the most delicate broccoli sprouts in my opinion.

- dried fruit: raisins, cranberry, cherry, Goji berries, apricots, dates, cherries, figs, as well as other: apples, pears, bananas, mango, cantaloupe and other we like. We buy non-sulfated dried fruits, but when we buy sulphide we have no reason to panic, we only need to soak fruit in water for 2 hours and pour it 2-3 times - these compounds are very soluble in water. We do not buy candied or caramelized fruits!

4. Natural and healthy sweeteners

Healthy eating research shows that the healthiest (the most alkalizing and assimilable) is the date sugar. We also have dried dates, you can use them to sweeten your cocktails or desserts. In the second place is xylitolxylitol or erythritol (natural polyols), furthermore maple syrup and bee honey (organic, raw, from beekeeper, non-pasteurized "blends of honey" of unknown origin!).

There is still stevia - research on its possible harmfulness or harmlessness is difficult to expect, however, because this plant appeared on the market quite recently. We also buy a non-addictive cocoa substitute - carob. You can buy it in a powder, a lubricating cream or liquid. Perfect for sheiks, ice cream, yogurt and desserts.

5. Tea

Black tea can be drunk occasionally, but it must be remembered that it is acidifying. On the other hand, Yerba Mate, green tea and all herbal and fruit teas (but not cranberries) play an important role. When buying fruit tea, pay attention to the composition - we can fall into the hand of black tea only FLAVORED fruit. We do not buy such teas.

Yerba Mate for beginners I recommend you buy one with lemon - the taste of this tea should be liked, at the first contact can taste shocking, but each time once again reveals new flavors of this extremely valuable human body drink. Never brew any boiling water because you destroy the valuable ingredients it contains! Max. the temperature is 80 degrees (for stewards it can be even 45-50 degrees, only longer should be brewed).

6. Fats

All oils that we will use must be cold pressed, unrefined. We first buy a bottle of extravergine olive oil. There are a lot of varieties on the market, they are milder or more dry, with many that I tested the mildest taste has Goccia d'Oro.

In addition to extravergine olive oil, we can also supply cold pressed linseed oil and coconut oil (so-called coconut butter), and then try other cold-pressed precious oils, which nature fortunately does not skimp: sesame oil, rapeseed, safflower oil, rye oil (with flaxseed), evening primrose oil, sunflower seed, poppy seed oil, hemp oil, rosehip oil, milk thistle, pumpkin seed, borage, black cumin, walnut, peanut or hazelnut, grape seed ... do you regret for a moment that You threw your refined oil into the bin.

7. Baking soda

It will be necessary for leaching pesticides from the surface of vegetables and fruits and for a lot of other uses. Without soda at home, do not move!

8. Cerealsshopping

We threw processed and sugarized Nestle flakes into the basket. What in exchange? We need to buy oatmeal and spelled flakes, or other ones you like - in a natural form, without sugar and other additives. It is useful to have brown rice and flour in the house: spelled and wholemeal (wheat or rye), because the white flour went where it belongs, that is to the garbage. We also buy seeds for sprouts.

9. Spices

There should be no spices such as: marjoram, cinnamon, cayenne pepper, basil, garam masala, ginger, turmeric, vanilla sticks, cumin and cumin, coconut flakes, cloves, nutmeg and other that you like. All natural spices have a lot of valuable antioxidants.



10. Kitchen tools

I assume that we already have a meat grinder Now we will use it for a slightly different purpose. Very useful in addition to this will be:
- citrus juicer
- seed sprout
- steamer (electric or as a pot with an insert)
- blender with a powerful engine (it does not have to be a very expensive Vitamix, I bought my own for about PLN 300 and crushes even ice) or another food processor
- coffee grinder (but we will not grind coffee in it only healthier things like flaxseed, nuts, etc.)
- juicer for vegetable and fruit juices (rather not juicer, because juices come out inferior quality than from a juicer and there is more waste, so we overpay in the long term and the cash and health)


I recommend the method of small steps for healthy eating - first buy what is necessary and cheaper and what you can do almost on the spot. Expensive household appliances such as a juicer are not necessary for use from the first day. So, let's buy everything on a regular basis as we have the resources, and soon it will turn out that in our kitchen we already have everything you need to live in chronic health for 120 years

All the best,


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