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Wooden toys - do they help in child development?

In the face of the whole range of colors that shop shelves are tempting today, as well as the mechanisms that contain colorful equipment, reaching for toys as prosaic as wooden ones may seem strange. Let's see why some parents suggest them to children instead of playing, shining and moving gadgets themselves!

They develop imagination and manual skills

Communing with wooden toys - their simplicity and naturalness, supports the development of children's imagination and creativity. It helps in developing manual and mental abilities as well as logical thinking - a child can form them in all possible ways, create entirely new objects, constructions and configurations.

These toys are usually not static or made of one part - they have mostly moving parts. Even if not all can be unhooked, they can certainly be bent, transformed - depending on the child's ingenuity. Such a fun not only fills time, but also - it gives satisfaction, because the child can observe the effects of his work.

Playing with wooden blocks he also learns colors, shapes, can learn counting.

They do not distract the child.
The lack of distracting details in wooden toys allows the child to concentrate fully on the fun.

Wooden toys allow you to focus on the fun itself: building, constructing, arranging. In contrast to others, they do not have unnecessary elements, distracting: lights, lamps, bells. The lack of this type of distracting details allows the child to fully concentrate on the goal of playing - for example, constructing a building.

Safe for a child

You do not need to convince anyone that the quality of the material from which traditional toys are made, as well as the content of harmful, toxic substances (lead, phthalates) or the amount of dangerous elements that can get to a tiny stomach, nose or ear at any moment leave a lot to be desired. These made of wood created nature, and that means they are friendly to both small users and the environment.

The number of additional elements that are asked by small handles to tear them off and best to consume them has been kept to a minimum, and most often they do not have them at all. When buying a toy, however, it is worth paying attention to whether the packaging has a CE approval mark - a manufacturer's promise that the product meets EU requirements in terms of safety and ecology.

Easy to maintain

It is obvious that the quality of the toy is best to check through the mouth - each, sooner or later will pass such a child test, so they should be washed as often as possible. However, not all of them - especially electronic ones - like to be cleaned, and for some - the first such attempt ends with the end of the short life of the toy. In the case of wooden toys the task is easier - the material is susceptible to washing, and besides, they do not have too many hard to reach nooks and crannies. And what is the most important - in this way you can not really spoil them!

Universal and timeless

This is not only an argument for the supporters of the gender approach, but also for those parents who value comfort - is it not easy to do, when both the daughter and son can play with the same toys? And this is the case with wooden toys (blocks, pets).

And one more advantage that can not be overlooked - they are timeless. The wood is extremely durable, hard and resistant even to the most fierce children's hands. Such toys can serve generations and - what is equally important - they will never go out of fashion, while the times of the magnificence of a toy, reminiscent of the hero of a favorite cartoon, may end - along with the issue of a fairy tale. Do you ever say that they are "out of date" about wooden blocks or a rocking horse?

They are also moving!

One of the most important advantages of wooden toys, however, is that they do not impose the way they must be used. They offer the child full freedom, independence and decision-making. It is also worth noting that such toys are not limited to blocks only. We also find cars, airplanes and other items that can move around. And this is the difference - they CAN move if a child decides.

However, they will not move alone, imposing a child's play pattern. Thanks to the fact that the toy does not move alone, it stimulates the child to greater physical activity, to join the game with the body also - not just the mind! Thus, they allow the development of eye-and-hand coordination - in contrast to electronic ones that "serve themselves", allowing the child to sit comfortably on the couch.

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