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Children with ADHD

Children with ADHD

Studies on ADHD

A number of studies have been conducted to show whether hyperactivity in ADHD can be the result of a deficiency of some nutrients or a food allergy. This issue has not been fully explained. However, it turned out that the hypoallergenic diet, in which beverages such as Coca-Cola, coffee, chocolate, artificial sweeteners (eg aspartame, mannitol), ham, sausage, etc. were eliminated, resulted in improved behaviour. Reintroduction of allergens to menus was associated with the recurrence of symptoms in the same or greater severity.

A certain percentage of children respond positively to the administration of B vitamins during meals. The greatest effects were observed when taking vitamin B6, the smaller, though still visible, effect of supplementing the diet with thiamine (B1). Mega daps of combined vitamins C and B3 also affect the behaviour of children. High mobility is sometimes combined with inhibitory products in the body, the synthesis of prostaglandins. This leads to the thesis about a deficiency of polyunsaturated fatty acids that govern the production and distribution of these hormone-like compounds. Their level can be supplemented with the help of evening primrose oil, which we will buy even in a pharmacy.

Other sources of one of these acids - gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) - are wheat, corn, soy, olives and fresh leafy vegetables. In order for the child not to take the diet as a punishment, it is good to involve the whole family in it. It should also be remembered that research has shown that a restrictive diet only helps in 5% of cases. The hyperactive child has an increased appetite, which is not surprising, as it must supplement the large amounts of energy consumed each day. Sometimes, it's two and almost all the time.

Living with a hyperactive child, it's worth remembering a few basic rules:

For a child with ADHD, routine is needed. The day should be planned and organized so that it does not provide too many, in addition chaotic, incentives. You should constantly organize the same hours of play, meals and rest. You need to plan classes and divide time into half-hour sections. "Program" should include variety, set time for fun and learning. It should be remembered that a child who has problems with short-term memory should have information/instructions repeated to him/her.

The child should be encouraged to follow the schedule and, before getting used to it, control it. The child should receive short messages. Instead of saying "take off your jacket in the hall, because it is snowing on it and you will get the carpet dirty", you have to say "take off your jacket" or "jacket" and check if your child heard it ("Repeat what I asked for").

Another important principle is to divide tasks into stages. If we say, "clean up the room," even though the child wants to do it, she/he does not know how. She/he will do it if she/he receives the order: "put the clothes in the closet", "put notebooks into the desk", "put the toys on the shelves". The child's environment must be calm and quiet. You should not change it too often and change it drastically. Low self-esteem, inability to defend themselves against unfair accusations, cause that the hyperactive child badly needs and demands proof of parental love, acceptance, assurance that he is not a worse member of the family.

Corrective behaviour should be immediate, fair, so that the situation does not interfere with normal relationships with the child.
How to choose toys and games for children with ADHD? Here are some useful tips for parents:

"Use their physical strength"

Many hyperactive children have a lot of energy, which they should use somehow. It is worth focusing on physical activity, such as swimming, karate and other sports. It will be a kind of a safety valve.

"Help in getting self-confidence."

Children with ADHD have trouble completing complicated, multi-stage tasks, because they are quickly discouraged, feel frustrated. Therefore, you should not buy complicated puzzles or lego sets, because they can act as a deterrent. Instead, it's better to start with simpler patterns that consist of fewer elements and images that are recognizable to a child, such as an enlarged map of, a well-known fairy tale character.

"Remove all unnecessary items from the room".

The room can not look like a toy store. Hyperactive children can easily become distracted when a whole range of colorful and interesting things "competes" for their attention with the currently used toy. To help your child properly focus attention, it is worth putting on the table one toy or game - only the one we are just dealing with. The remaining items can be kept in a locked cabinet at the time, hidden from the child's eyes ... The smaller number of items allows to achieve much better results.

"Shorten the duration of a single game".

Short games with a few easy to understand rules that are easily remembered are a good choice for children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

"Play the theater."

Will it be a truly acting game with dressing up in special costumes, or playing with puppets, dolls in a jointly arranged scenery, this will help your child develop imagination and communication skills and express emotions that could never be directly articulated.

"Artistic expression is a hit."

Many children with ADHD still hear that they can not do anything well. Free making clay, drawing with large markers, painting etc. gives you the chance to express yourself without using words. Available materials can be used in all possible ways, as long as they are not dangerous. In addition, all "tricks" are allowed and are not evaluated - this is good, and it's bad, it would give better, more interesting effects ... The task of the parent is to praise the child, coordinating the artistic show in which they can participate (as viewers or full members) other family members.

"Make sure everyone is in the same team."

Take into account that you can help children with ADHD and create a friendly, supportive environment. In this environment all family members will be involved. Further relatives should be encouraged to contact the child with ADHD, but be sure to have reasonable expectations. For example, you can not be expected by an overactive child that he/she would be sitting still for a long time at some game. It is important for everyone to realize this. This will avoid frustration or adventures.

Planning the Game

When planning a game, it is worth to interlace activities requiring movement with peaceful activities, eg drawing, reading. In this way, the attention is diminished by one long-lasting and monotonous game. It is important for a child to get help from an adult when he/she encounters an obstacle that can not overcome. If he/she finds a good way out of the oppression, they must be praised for it.

More beneficial for a child with ADHD is playing in a smaller group. Excessive sensations tire, and this in turn causes an increase of anxiety and excitability. Impulsivity can be reduced, reminding the child constantly that before he/she does something, he/she should think. It is worth to put in a prominent place a piece of paper with just such an inscription.
The basis for the treatment of ADHD is consistency and multidirectional actions taken. And because the quality of a child's life is at stake, then an adult person can not be overlooked ...


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