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Are wooden toys ecological?

Are wooden toys ecological?

Are wooden toys ecological?

It is well known that wooden toys are ecological and have unique properties - they are durable, perfectly stimulate all the senses of the child and allow for contact with nature. Their simplicity stimulates the imagination and creativity of the child. The argument for the wooden toys is also their eco-friendliness. Many people, however, wonder how they can be environmentally friendly toys, for which they need natural raw material, ie wood.


Acquiring wood

Acquiring wood for the production of toys has nothing to do with environmentally damaging forest fragments. Wood used to make toys most often comes from special, controlled crops, where trees are cut in a planned way and do not disturb the functioning of the ecosystem.

Some companies started to produce rubber wood toys. And the raw material used comes from the plantation of rubber trees cultivated for obtaining latex. Employees on plantations cut tree bark every day and collect juice that is then squeezed out and dried. After about 25 years, however, the trees cease to give latex and are intended to be cut out. Instead of letting waste valuable raw material, which is rubber wood, they are used to create high-quality products, eg toys for children. It is worth adding that on plantations, new trees are planted in place of each cut tree, which helps maintain a constant balance in the ecosystem. Rubber wood is environmentally friendly, and also has a dense grain and a compact structure, which gives it a unique hardness and durability.

Wooden toys deserve the name of ecological also because they serve children much longer than plastic toys. They are more durable, slower or almost never wear out. Wooden toys thrown into the trash - they break down more quickly, without polluting the environment.



Many manufacturers also ensure that not only the toys themselves are environmentally friendly, but also paints and varnishes used to finish them and the packaging in which they are sold. Many companies paint their toys only with safe water-based dyes. Their individual elements are combined with non-toxic adhesives. Packing them into colorful cardboard made of recycled paper and printed with a special soy ink.

More and more companies producing toys in addition to using ecological raw materials. They also trying to use environmentally friendly methods of their production. It is worth following this ecological trend and buying a toy for a child to pay attention.


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