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Advantages Of Buying Toys Online In Australia

Advantages Of Buying Toys Online In Australia

Advantages Of Buying Wooden Toys Online In Australia

It’s late in the evening. For the second time this week, things haven’t worked out as you’d like so that you couldn’t go to the mall.

Life has a way of sneaking up on us when we least expect it. But, there is no doubt that toys are an integral part of a kid’s life. Through toys, kids learn to explore relationships, learn and practice life skills, and also find their identity.

However, buying a toy is more than walking into a store and picking something out. I’m sure you’ve moved from one toy shop in Perth or Melbourne to another and still missed what you are looking for. Luckily, technology has now made things easier.

Advantages of online wooden animals/figures in Australia

Time and cost-effective

Statistics from Roy Morgan, Australia’s largest research company, indicate that at least 2.5 million Australians buy toys online within four weeks and spend at least $80 per transaction. What has contributed to this enormous number?

It’s simple: Its time.

Parents are becoming busier by the day, and moving from one toy shop in Western Australia or Australia wide to another has become one of those essential things that are taking a back seat as people squeeze in a little extra time.

With online shopping, you can search for toys during lunch, while stuck in traffic (but only if you are in the passenger seat), or while waiting for your colleague to arrive so, before you start a meeting. Websites such as AMouseWithAHouse Online Toy Store have offers on a selection of toys so you can save a little cash while at it. The toys are delivered to your doorstep, saving an actual physical trip to the toy store.

The variety and great quality

If you are among the 49% of Australians who still prefer to go to a physical store, that’s understandable, many people are used to relying upon brick-and-mortar store fronts. For most people, the fear of shopping in an online toy shop in Australia is tied to the quality of online toys, even when they know they will find variety. Explore our range of wooden toys. Everything from wooden animals ,games to puzzles, blocks, and educational toys.

Although the photos look great, you have no way of telling if the toy will be durable or that the material used is safe for kids. However, there are tons of ways you can use, to know if the toy shops in Melbourne or Perth you are browsing have genuine toys. First, a quick Google search in your web browser will link you to other parents who have tried the shop. Most internet users are friendly and will give you an honest opinion of their experience with the brand.

Also, read the reviews from actual consumers on the brand’s Facebook page. When people are pleased with products and services, they are likely to post it on social media.

It also helps to call the company’s customer service. How they respond to your questions and concern will be a tell-tale sign. When parents like or dislike something they openly share their experience.


According to a 2015 government report, more than 1.1 million people in Australia are victims of identity theft on social media, through losing credit card information and other cyber-crime activities. While these numbers are worrying, purchase your online toys in Australia from genuine stores who always have secure payment methods with high-security levels.

Some of the most secure online toy shops that require you to open an account will have two-factor authentication (2FA), which significantly decreases hacking and access to your account. The stores also use HTTPS security and encryption on their website server security systems or ask for confirmation of purchase through your phone number, just to ensure you are the one shopping and not a hacker or even your child making an unauthorised purchase. People, thus, feel safe leaving their email and credit card information with online stores.

AMouseWithAHouse offers quality wooden toys for kids of different ages and abilities. Whether its educational , animal toys, puzzles or blocks , we have you covered. If you are looking for genuine, durable, safe toys for your little munchkin, have a look at our selection in our online toystore.

We offer same day dispatch so your toys get to you soon. Your best wooden toys Perth & Melbourne store.

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