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Raduga Grez - Forest set natural

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Raduga Grez - Forest set natural


The forest is one of our most popular story games toys. Natural trees cultivate love and respect for nature, encourage the creation of fairy tales, develop imagination, creativity and speech.

The forest gives a reason to discuss with the child the uniqueness of the forest, the importance of trees, ecology. The forest is also a great addition for games with rainbow gnomes.


  • Play your favorite fairy tale in the Forest - for example, "Masha and the Bears" or "Gruffalo"
  • Tell what trees are and where they grow (for example, birch - in the north, and cypress - in the south)
  • Talk about colors - why aren't trees green? Maybe autumn has come in the forest?
  • Discuss what to do if you get lost in the forest
  • Examine the wooden drawing. Discuss why everything made of wood is unique and unique

Natural forest is so beautiful, so we recommend storing it on an open shelf accessible to your child. Although it comes with a cotton pouch for storing

Toy Chips:

  • Shapes taste
  • Provides a reason to talk about ecology
  • Made from wood, ethical production
  • The set contains 8 trees and bushes: spruce, pine, fir, cypress, two apple trees and a bush. Sizes: 14 cm, 12 cm, 11 cm, 10 cm, 7 cm, 3.5 cm, 3 cm.
  • Coated with linseed oil


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